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    I am taking maths, physics, and further maths at A level, and I've applied to study physics next year at uni. Last year, I got ABB AS levels in those subjects, as well as an A at AS in psychology. I am aiming for A*AA this year, which is rather a step up (for me, someone with an incredibly poor work ethic...)!

    I plan to update fortnightly: my revision techniques, and a log of whether my ability to get on with unpleasant tasks (...ie, concentrating) improves with practise (hypothesis: yes, although I haven't yet worked out how to track this)! I am definitely open to revision and organisation tips and tricks (hint, hint).

    I will most likely also keep track of what I want to do (in terms of revision), and what I actually get done. For example, today:

    [x] [x] 2x examsolutions videos on M2 (est. time: 20 mins)
    [x] 40 mins practise/other videos on M2
    [x] 30 mins start notes on physics written questions
    [ ] 1 hour physics written questions notes
    [ ] 30 mins C4 integration practise

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    *three weeks later* oops...

    I had planned to update over half term, but I caught a cold instead, so I did very little of anything last week.
    Either way, I updated my list of things to do every day (practise languages, read for ~15 mins, etc) so it now has about five things. This is much more manageable than it used to be (I don't know how many items it had, but I let it grow too much ), so I've actually been doing things!! Furthermore, I've started getting my bedtime back on track (I'm aiming for 11pm, which generally means I go to sleep before/around midnight; previously it was... later than that. Quite a bit later than that) I don't know if I'll manage to keep that up in term-time, but I'd like to not be tired all the time!!

    I've been splitting my revision/homework sessions into 40-minute blocks, since I can usually concentrate for 40 minutes pretty easily. My main issue to work around is my habit of doing nothing until after dinner; if I can get in the habit of doing at least one block before dinner then I should find it easier to manage my time Today I've planned three blocks: a C3 paper, physics homework, and M3 revision. So far, I've done the paper

    Experiment for the week: consistent revision??
    Plan: I'll try to do at least one block of non-homework work per day...

\begin{tabular}{c | c c c c c c c}

\textbf{Day} & Mon & Tue & Wed & Thu & Fri & Sat & Sun \\


\textbf{Done?} & y

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    A post of notes, because I'm tired. Will hopefully put these points together in a coherent post tomorrow ^^"
    • My revision goal at the moment is to reach an hour each of maths (either maths or further maths work counts here) or physics per day. I know this isn't much, but I'm really, really, embarrassingly bad at working
    • If I have homework:
    • --> Under 45 minutes homework in a subject does not count towards revision time
    • --> Over 45 minutes does count
    • --> Am I missing an obvious way of indenting bullet points on here? :confused:
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays, goal would be to do an extra hour of work (so one hour each on maths, further maths, and physics)
    • Might be an idea to keep a graph of how much revision I do per day? Set up a spreadsheet, or something.
    • Still need to work out a way to incentivise myself to study. I don't feel motivated at all, and haven't for a while :/

    Might also start keeping a log of thoughts here too; after all, it's my thread :P
    Today's thought: I recently started 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, and Aronnax reminds me of Walton from Frankenstein... Just, the way he fanboys over the Distant And Enigmatic Person With Really Awesome Science Stuff, Who Turned Up Unexpectedly In The Middle Of The Sea (...shh, an ice sheet totally counts as the sea :P) ((I don't have any proper reasoning or evidence to support this, or anything))
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    Quick update:
    • Tired again today
    • Started a C3 practise paper during maths, but procrastinated during one free and slept during the others
    • Spent ~30 or 35 mins revising medical physics: was meant to be 45 mins revision and 15 mins making a flashcard deck of definitions, but I got tired enough that I wasn't really remembering anything Oh well!
    • 100 days till my exams are over!!!
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