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21 and still a virgin. Thinking of getting it over with a call girl. watch

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    There are many threads on this subject. Personally I wouldnt have, but there are people who have been in a similar situation and have taken the solution you are considering. You should read what they said. use the search function.

    You don't HAVE to make your first time particularly special like a lot of people here are saying, it doesn't necessarily have any bad effects if you first time isn't all that great (and the first time with somebody you actually like will be "special" anyway I assume), however you do need to be sure in your mind that you won't regret it later.

    Getting with a hooker is basically the height of desperation and if you suddenly decide afterwards that being so desperate that you went through with it was quite pathetic, well... would do you more harm than good I think. Besides all that, they're hella expensive compared to buying drinks for a normal girl.

    M8 just hit the gym and start practicing your game.

    Then, keep hitting bars and clubs, eventually you'll pick up for a guaranteed fact. I'm telling you, there are so many horny girls in bars and clubs in right now.

    Go get 'em.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I want to do it so bad. The past two weeks I've just been thinking about booking a hotel room for 1 night and doing it with an escort. I'm just too damn shy and antisocial to try picking up someone at a bar or even talk to a girl.
    Has anyone done something like this before? How was it? Do you regret it?
    Have you came to a decision? Just wondering.
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    I wouldn't. You'll feel gross and ashamed of yourself. It's just not worth it. .

    Approaching women is one good way of combating your shyness and that is to approach women and start having a conversation with them, expect nothing, just have a conversation and your confidence will grow and you will slowly come out of your shyness. Make eye contact, who cares what one-two rude women think? There are millions of them.

    Build your social skills up, be friendly, approachable, make eye contact, smile, be polite, listen, relax, laugh easily. Volunteer, join social clubs out of interest to build your social skills up.

    Go to the gym, wear good, stylish clothes, groom well, carry yourself well, speak confident.

    To get your confidence up, you could try boxing, going to the gym, joining a club, thinking of happy times, doing things that make you happy, having hobbies, going out with your pals, accepting yourself, knowing you can handle it, thinking what makes you proud and what is your good at.

    Good luck

    Don't listen to these spoil sports. Life is too short. Get it over and done with, you're missing out on a world of pleasure. Just make sure you use a condom.

    TOP TIP: Real sex is nothing like porn
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    Hey guys. Thank you all for your input. It really helped. I decided to NOT go forward with my plan. I'll just wait. Plus I'd spend so much money which I can use on something worthwhile.
    Also, yesterday one of my friends wanted me to accompany him to the clinic cause he got a BJ from a hooker and was freaking out about STDs. I definitely don't need that kind of **** in my life haha.
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