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    So i used to be in the same class as this girl and as a friend she seemed ok, but as the year went on i found her very artificial.
    She has a new boyfriend every month, generally dates guys in January (in preparation for valentines day). The relationships never last because just like her friendship- her personality darkens and she becomes jealous and controlling.

    2 months ago i fell in love with a guy after knowing him 10 months but not seeing him too often. My friend met him maybe 4 months ago- mainly over fb but once or twice in real life.

    So in December (22nd) i was with he guy and his friends and they were all saying how much they hated his new 'bird', who he wasn't formally dating, just talking to. It was my friend. I found out this morning and was physically sick- which is how i know that i'm obviously bothered. She always says she's in love with every bf she has- this is the first time i've been in love.

    At first, he wasn't interested in her- and still actually hasn't uploaded any pictures, statuses, photos etc including them as a couple and hasn't updated his relationship status. They have nothing in common and all of his friends and work colleagues hate her. In fact her own circle of best friends say she's only with him because he's shy and thinks she is out of his league, and wants to have money spent on her over valentines.

    She puts loads of kisses to everyone over fb, but none to him. She never talks about him and had repeatedly caused arguments with his friends surrounding jealousy and he's already getting fed up of her controlling ways. So at tops it's been a month and nothing has really happened but its still a relationship and i still respect that even though i'm devastated.

    What bothers me though, is that i genuinely believe it will end rather soon,just like all of her other relationships, when the novelty wears off- especially when she's forbidding his friends to comment on his pics. Everyone at school says they have nothing in common and can't understand it.

    So to summaries, i've fallen in love for the first time, with a guy who started dating my friend officially yesterday, and now have to wait for her to get board of her new play toy. Which i accept. But what do i do in the meantime.....She's already driving everyone mad and his mum doesn't like her, his boss doesn't- but she's easy and he hasn't had 'it' in a while- so i get that. It's breaking my heart that everyone is encouraging the fact that they'll split up within 2 months, people have placed bets on it. But at the same time, i kinda still want her to be happy if that's with him then....

    ....and that's my predicament. If everyone says it's not serious- and I've seen it happen over and over.... i'm 99% sure it will end just after valentines day. so i kind of see it as a waste of everybody's time and my heart ache.

    he still doesn't seem interested in her, after a month! but some of his friends mock him for not getting any so i think that's his motive, when he realises there is no substance then it's done. - should i flirt with him now and if it's meant to be then yay. If not, it's not meant to be.
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