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Freshers ball

This is almost certainly a rather dim question, but it's only recently struck me that there is actually a freshers ball (10 Oct., according to the online Welcome Week info), and I had one of those 'OMG...freshers ball...ball dresses...what am I supposed to wear?' moments. So for anyone who's already at/been to Exeter, what exactly is the dress code for the freshers ball? Is it black tie, really, really formal, or could I just get away with getting a nice frock from River Island? :rolleyes: I know there are those formal hall dinners, so maybe it would be worth investing in an expensive(ish) dress.
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It's worth investing in a ball dress for the really formal things, but for the Freshers' Ball and the Summer Ball, a little party frock from somewhere like River Island is perfectly fine (mainly because there's loads to do so you'll be walking around a lot between bands and things, not just sitting down at a meal and then going home again, plus there's fairground rides to contend with - last thing you want to do is catch a bit of an £80 dress in some fairground machinery!). So fear not :smile:
Students at Cornwall campus, University of Exeter
University of Exeter
oh i dont know what to wearrrr!

i have a lovely expensive black dress that is long but fitted but, its been nicknamed the "hot mermaid" dress because of how it fits and i dont want to go in it and feel fat. but, i've nothing else.

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Ah I'm sure you'll look lovely! I'm going to bring 2 formal dresses then 1/2 cocktail dresses so that should sort me out!
Do you know if we have to buy the tickets now or wait until we get there? I just wanted to check because some of my friends at other uni's have to pay for everything now. I didn't think that was the case with Exeter, am I misinformed?! :smile:
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I seem to remember there being a leaflet in our freshers' pack whereby you could buy freshers' ball tickets/gig tickets by mail in advance of arriving at Exeter. However, this was 3 years ago and they may no longer do it. They certainly sell all of these tickets on campus when you get there - it just depends how you feel about queueing I guess :smile:
we british are born to queue, it's what we do best.
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we british are born to queue, it's what we do best.

^^ haha, true! It probably wouldn't be a genuine freshers experience without the queuing :p:

Thanks for the info, Angelil! Now I just need to work out how much of my money I can afford to part with for a dress or two. :rolleyes:
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Ooooh, I've just had an even more brilliant idea! Don't buy your dress/es new! Wait until you get here, go to The Real McCoy on Fore Street (basically walk down the high street away from Boots, towards M&S, keep going past Maccy D's and you'll see TRM on your right) and get yourself a nice-looking vintage ball dress :smile: I once saw a gorgeous pale pink beady organza-y looking thing which I would have bought if I'd been in the right monetary position...definitely the place to get dresses and you won't worry that other girls have the same one as you!
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Oh. My. God. Formal dances! I'm going to need to invest in a dress! Sorry, I wear skirts, jeans, leggings, whatever, anything apart from generally dresses. The only time in recent history I've worn one was for my prom but I'm not touching that one again.

It was quite funny yesterday, me and my mate went into New Look so I could try on a dress out of a impulse to get one of some description and all they had were halter necks - I've never worn a halter neck before and it took about five minutes to wrestle it in on and the same amount of time to get it off again when I decided I didn't like it :P.

I'm just gonna buy what feels the most comfortable and dosen't make me look like I'm dressed in a bin liner.

Saying that though, the fact I can't dance might be an obstacle, but hey, I'll go and learn how to for the hell of it.

That shop you're saying about sounds nice Angelil - do you have any idea of how much the dresses in their cost?

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Think the lovely one I saw was under £60 - should have bought it!!!
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whats the dealio for guys for this? do we have to wear dresses too
Shirt and trousers should be fine, or a smart jumper. Sorry if this is one of those forums where people don't like me posting as I am nothing to do with Exeter. Just think its a cool uni, JK went there!
Although guys in dresses would make more of an occasion of it :biggrin:
It would be interesting..