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    Mad to be Normal is a biopic due to be released in spring this year, with its first trailer just released today:


    The film follows the life of R.D. Laing, a Scottish psychiatrist whose work had a significant impact on modern day Psychiatry and the anti-psychiatry movement.

    One of his most controversial ideas was Kingsley Hall; a centre in East London in which people suffering from psychosis were able to come and go as they pleased with no medication or restraint. Instead, the centre contained activities such as meditation, all-night therapy and role-reversal sessions. The place was also famous for its use of LSD (which at the time was legal), which was supposed to 'release inner demons and buried childhood traumas.' At least two people jumped off the buildings roof while the centre was open, and the house was raided by a drug squad. Easy to say, it was all a rather chaotic experiment.

    Possibly one of the most famous 'residents' was Mary Barnes, a woman who used to smear the walls with faeces, regressed to infancy for a time and fed from a bottle. She later became a famous artist and poet. There is more information about the residents there in this Guardian article:


    "At the time I was at Kingsley Hall, the view really was that, if you had schizophrenia, it was no good talking to you because you would never get any sense out of a schizophrenic – it's all nonsense that comes out of their mouths. And I pretty much subscribed to that view. Ronnie [Laing] said, "Go mad, young man", and I did. I took him at his word, and I went as mad as I possibly could, and at no time did he try and stop me."
    This biopic, with David Tennant playing Laing, is set during this exceptional experiment and covers the life of one of the worlds most renowned and controversial psychiatrists.

    Below are a few photos which have been released that show Tennant as Laing:

    I am a big fan of Laing, his most famous work arguably being The Divided Self and I am thrilled that his work is being brought into the public light - although he was very well known in his own time, with his books reaching the best-seller lists.

    I was wondering whether there were any other fans out there eagerly awaiting this film - or perhaps those who've never heard of him but are interested none the less!

    I cannot wait for this. Tennant being cast is definitely a huge bonus but id have been interested anyway
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    Glad to find another fan.

    It was announced a few days ago that the movie will be released on the 24th March. Unfortunately ( ) I'll be in India so won't get to see it straight away, but am hoping it's a good portrayal of Laing.
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