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Recruitment Consultancy in London: Is the sector you recruit for important? 1/02/2017 watch

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    Hi there! I posted this at the end of another thread about recruitment consultancy, but thought it might have a better chance of being responded to if I put it up as a new thread (also having my own thread makes me feel more important haha).

    I have some questions about my journey into recruitment as I am currently having interviews with quite a few London recruitment companies. It would be great to hear back from people already in the industry =)

    My first question is with regards to the type of sector you end up recruiting into AND the type of people you are recruiting into these sectors. How important is choosing both these things when starting out in recruitment. I've spoken to one recruitment consultant who said that obviously the more interested you are in the sector, whether it be education, construction, charities, engineering, pharma, IT etc. the more likely you are to enjoy the job and presumably do better in it. Have people found this to be the case? And secondly, the type of people you're recruiting into these sectors, are you specialising in recruiting sales, marketing, accounting, procurement, IT, or general office staff into these sectors. Again, the consultant I spoke to said that the type of people fall into two categories, those that have hard or soft skills, those having hard skills are people with engineering, accountancy, surveying etc. qualifications and therefore it's easy to see straight away, even before talking to them whether they have the right skills for the jobs you are recruiting for. On the other hand, soft skills include being charismatic, personable, able to persuade, creative etc., all skills that can't really be ascertained from looking at a piece of paper, you have to talk to these candidates for a while before you can decide whether or not they are a good fit. So the pro's and con's are that you may be able to secure more placements with the hard skills category because it's easier to see the right candidates quickly, but with the soft skills category you may be able to chat to more interesting people and actually have more fun talking with them because you have to do that to assess whether they are the right fit in terms of personality. Seeing as the majority of the job will involve speaking to candidates, it makes sense to choose to recruit the people who you are most suited to and will be happier speaking to. I am inclined to think that I'd suit the more soft skills type of recruiting because I'm quite bubbly and enjoy finding out about people and chatting. Obviously it's a massive stereotype that people in finance are more the quiet types, but the stereotype is there, and I'm wondering if it is true. Have people found that people in accountancy/finance, from non-qualified, part-qualified and fully qualified levels are generally more reserved and less dynamic then candidates for other kinds of job? And then the ultimate question, how important is the people you recruit?

    My second question leads on from the first, my interviews have gone quite well and I may have a choice of companies to work for, some large some smaller, all London based. I don't know if it's okay to give the companies names here but it would be good to speak with someone about this to see which company I should choose. It's really hard to judge between two specific companies, so if anyone works for RH or MH then drop me a private message, it would be great to chat with you =)

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Updated: February 1, 2017
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