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this post was hard to make, but i seriously need help guys watch

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    Dear TSR, (-ians)

    I considered not making this post at all because it's trivial and ****ing embarrassing. but i will anyway bc at this point, why not.


    I recently started having a crush on this guy at 6th form and I was like, meh, it's fine. I came from a girls' school so it's understandable, I reasoned. It's not like I knew the guy, and yes, I was a bit attracted to his intelligence, just a bit in class. But it wasn't anything huge, just a small, innocent, (regrettably stupid) crush. I accidentally* came across his photos (*was not in stalker mode, ty very much_it was a genuine accident) and my crush got a whole lot worse. Yes, my weakness is photography, it's my secondary interest to film which I want to pursue. And he's really talented, it's amazing.
    Initially I was bit jealous like damn, I need to up my game. (I was threatened lmao) -but then it just turned into awe, and yes, my stupid 'feelings' worsened, so then I got irrationally angry, then back to awe.
    However, I then clicked a link and it seems like he has a gf- actually, I'm pretty damn certain. (_ok, maybe I didn't start out a stalker, but I kind of transitioned into a bit of a one)

    I then felt really guilty, even though I hadn't actually done anything. I mean it's not like I straight up seduced the guy, I just had a crush** on him. But still, it's hard. I don't like the feeling of liking someone by myself and I want to get over him. (it's only been a couple of months- how hard can it be?) I only exchanged a couple of words with him so I hardly know him= irrational feelings.

    so tsr people, help me get over this so I don't lose my mind.

    _> sincerely, the transparent potato

    (ps: **it was physically painful to write that word over and over. I'm not generally like this, so it felt like forks scratching my insides everytime i did. faaaantastic)

    It's part of growing up you can't always get what you want.

    Looks like you have done everything right here I always advice people to find their Facebook account and get whatever info they can which is exactly what you have done so well played.

    If you ask someone if they are single that is pretty much asking them out if you friend them on fb it could mean a million things and isn't an issue.

    Normally you have to friend then to get the info but not for everyone.

    In time you will get over them and be focused on someone else.

    Never feel bad about fb stalking that's what it is for and it is a great tool.
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