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I'm a bit of a hoarder, where's the best place to sell it... watch

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    So basically I am one of those people who rarely throws anything away.

    I've got cardboard box after cardboard box basically full of stuff. I'm not as bad as those people on the telly, as at least all my crap is boxed.

    Anyways been going through some of it recently and there's one or two items which actually might be worth selling. The game in the last image is still sealed and the going rate for it is £70 - £150

    I have a copy of Skies of Arcadia [used] too and that seems to be going for around £70

    both games cost me £30 or under each when I bought them.

    I had my commodore Amiga 2000 up until 5 or 6 years ago when my parents finally persuaded me to throw it out. I'm a bit devastated tbh as i'm looking online today and seeing used one's selling for £650


    I've still got my original pokemon red and yellow too. It's a shame they're not sealed though as they're selling for £1.5k and £600 online.

    being used copies they don't really fetch too much so i'll probably be keeping them.

    but how can I sell stuff if i've not sold anything online before. No one is gonna buy from me cause I haven't got any positive rep.

    how do I get people to buy from me if I have no rep?


    If you're over 18, you can make your own account, but if not, make an eBay account under a parent's name.

    I know that you will have 0 ratings, but if you manage to provide enough pictures, and anyone asks why you have only recently joined, being honest and open will hopefully do the trick. Just make sure you try and list things slightly below the prices of others (around £10-20 cheaper) or more if you don't mind, and just wanna get rid of your stuff for a decent price.

    Remember that you'll probably need a PayPal account for eBay, to transfer money safely and securely. (eBay takes 10% of every sale made, and PayPal 4% ) But it's worth it since eBay is the first stop for a massive market of worldwide customers. (Put the option of international postage, just put the price of shipping as around £15 quid, so you can make a profit off of postage too! ) Of course, you'll likely be posting items if they sell, so get some bubble-wrap lined A4 envelopes, or packaging paper and wrap up with (brown) tape securely. It's best to list things at a slightly higher price and put down 'free shipping' - more appealing than the additional cost seen as an add-on.

    Also, whenever you do send stuff, always try to do Royal Mail 'Signed For' service (2nd or 1st class - up to you). This will give you a track code to monitor your package, and can see the signature the postman will receive from the recipient should they file a fake complaint that they 'haven't received it and do what's called a 'charge back' on PayPal. If you send by normal postage, (while most people are honest customers) some may, especially for more expensive items, dishonestly report a false claim and get their dirty money back. Beware - inside knowledge helps

    Other ways could be: using Shpock, Amazon, Preloved, etc (search up classifieds/ car boot websites).

    Looks like all/ [some] of that hoarding came to good use in the end
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