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Should I make ameds with an old friend? watch

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    December 2015 I punched one of my closest friends in the face. I was 16 and realise I overreacted and it was stupid of me. So stupid. This was the second time I hurt him. My only excuse it that he was patronising me, saying "you think you'e stronger than me?" But of course, it's a pathetic excuse.

    A little over a year has passed by and I'm thinking about making amends with him. Feeling bad is an understatement. I feel guilty, remorseful and really regretful of what I did. I wish things could go back to how they were. I messed up big time and lost a valuable friend.

    I tried using a mutual relative to find out if there's a possibility in reconciling. To my dismay he was still angry and didn't want to risk me hurting him, otherwise he wouldn't be able to 'control himself' any longer. Recently, a friend told me that he thinks I'm scared of him which angered me because it was undermining. Then again maybe it's because he thinks I have the same attitude towards him.

    At times I am like 'whatever, he doesn't want anything to do with me'. However, since he is kind of related through a second cousin I feel like I should patch things up.

    I know I had anger and temparment issues but I'm trying to better myself. I've cut off toxic friends who might have had a part in this too.

    I honestly don't know what the right choice is and how I could go about making amends. I don't want to face backlash but I should at least try, shouldn't I?

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    Yeah, Sure you should try. However its not just a matter of you waltzing over and asking to be mates again. You got to think of how he would feel. If he was a Valuable friend then never give up.
    Good Luck, I hope it works out if you go for it!

    Only you can decided whether he is toxic or a friend you want in your life. If it is the later, there is no harm in trying to make up.

    Put your cards on the table. Talk to him directly, apologise unreservedly and make it clear you want to rebuild the relationship. If he isn't interested, there is not much you can do. At least you would have tried.
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