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Oxford Graduate Application 2012/13

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Original post by Artvandelay22
Just a quick thanks to everyone who offered support when I was scrambling to submit my application in time. Just got an offer for the Msc Russian and East European studies. :smile:

Hi, is it possible to see your personal statement, if you don't mind? I am struggling with mine at the moment and really wanted to see the good oxford personal statement for REES:smile: Or could you give some advice?
I will be very thankful for your help :smile:
University of Oxford, Pawel-Sytniewski
University of Oxford
Original post by Shakesper
Thanks! I'm getting used to the idea. Must say that it was not what I wanted, but I'm warming up to it. Coming to Oxford next week to see it.

Hi, I have to chose between Linacre College and St. Peter's (got accepted to St. Peter's but now got an offer from Linacre, which wouldn't change anything else than just the college basically). Could you tell me something about your experience at Linacre? Especially also about the facilities, library etc?

Thanks a lot! :smile:

(Hope you'll reply, it's quite a while ago :smile:

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