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Confidence at an all time low watch

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    Hi, i was wondering if i could get some advice?

    I have never been the most confident person at all, but i feel like now it is negatively affecting my life, including my mood and socialising with others. I am in my first year of university and i never feel good enough to be where i am. I compare myself to others all the time. I feel so negative about myself. I try and care about my appearance because i wear makeup every day and wear nice outfits but every day on the inside i hate myself. I don't mind how i look really, but i hate how i am so unconfident and i hate my personality and mindset. I am a really nice person but i get scared to talk to people because i think they won't like me or something. I don't know, but i really don't like myself these days and i don't know what to do about it. I get the train to university every day, so i do feel a bit isolated from the uni community. However, i had stayed in a flat for a short while this year and it didn't work out (aka, i was a wimp and left) because 1. i was on accutane and got some physical side effects like muscle pains that really affected me & 2. (the real reason which i havent told anyone) i wasnt all that sociable with my flatmates and i would isolate myself from them. i would feel anxious sometimes living there for no reason and so i thought i would start staying at home instead and travelling every day. However, i now wish i had kept staying there even though it was the hardest thing to do because it is not the same at all. I feel like i am not the person i want to be at all. I will try and make sure i live in a flat next year, but i feel like i will still feel the same way about myself (very unconfident, shy, and hating myself.) Please does anyone have any advice? I know this sounds like a pity party, but i genuinely need some help. Thank you x
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    Hey sorry you've not had a great year. Have you spoken to your uni at all about this? They might be able to find you somewhere in accommodation to live before next year or at least offer you a place for then. There's also societies which can be great for meeting new people with similar interests to you, gives you something to talk about too. Support services themselves vary from place to place but at some unis they're amazing- well worth a visit to see if they can suggest or help you with anything anyway, academic or otherwise. Finally there's your GP. It's hard to see them for the first time but print out this post and take it in to show them, that way you don't have to talk straight away and can just give it to them. It's what they're there for and it sounds like this is really affecting your everyday life so don't worry about bothering them! Hope some of that helps a bit and things improve for you a bit soon whichever you decide- good luck!
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