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    Dear Caucasian comrades,

    A new and beautiful epoch has dawned upon our nations, a historically momentous opportunity presents itself for the White skinned to emerge from the Marxist manufactured collective shame and embrace our birth right: glorious supremacy. It is evident from the primitive savagery of various (but not all) corners of the coloured world, that the Caucasian race is of preferable stock. It is the undeniable and inevitable law of natural selection which can be wilfully repressed, but not rendered false. Multi-racialism is an unnatural absurdity concocted by self-hating White Marxists who in their Hasidic delusion, want to initiate a genocide of our peoples. Indeed, in recent years, with the massive influx of third-world undesirables into our God-given White continent, we have come under a demographic which threatens our extermination. The benighted and imported Arab outbreeds the educated and working White by a ratio of three to one, White Marxists have committed treason to their race by imposing upon the great Caucasian peoples an unjust settlement of economic slavery. Only vehement and organised force against the Hasidic White Marxist governing class can allow us to implement the age-old segregation which underpinned societal and moral stability. Revolution, revolt and rampage is required to save Caucasia and her promise for the Caucasian peoples.

    Contemporary political discourse greatly favours our agenda. The ascendancy of President Trump gives us a reluctant but nonetheless most powerful agent to manoeuvre the globe back into the Caucasian control which once kept it sane and predictable. Like-minded friends all across Europe push forth the message of supremacy. A White Awakening is awakening Caucasians from Britain, to Poland, to Hungary, to Germany to France and onwards. The grand plan by the Hasidic Marxists to infect the continent with millions of Arabians has been exposed for the engineered Caucasian genocide it is and the Hasidic Marxists are now struggling for political oxygen. The millions of existing imports who reside along us will suffer the fate of pathetic parasitical cockroaches. Our generosity has been thrown back in our face. Crime, ghettoization, failure to assimilate, bleeding the national treasury of its wealth, are all the consequences of allowing subordinate coloured vermin to mix freely in our lands. What a sad state of affairs when Caucasian females sell out their purity to make subhuman children with Negros and other such beasts. It is time for the White man to assertively take arms and carry out a process of swift liquidation.

    The Caucasian is God’s chosen people. It is of divine will and evolutionary necessity that we shatter our Hasidic chains and lead an expansive struggle to conquer every inch of the planet until the peoples occupying it are Arctic white and only Arctic white! No more self-humiliation! No more surrender! No more standing idly by while subhuman Pak gangs breeding like rabbits rape our women and daughters. Spread this message of White revolution! Caucasians of the world, unite, we have nothing to lose but under evolved would be slave subjects!

    We should really make you guys a little island in the middle of nowhere so you can all **** off and spout your ridiculous, racist, antisemitic nonsense somewhere we don't have to listen o you.
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