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Hi, I'm struggling with evaluating the practical study/s we have conducted in my psychology class. I was wondering if anybody could give me some tips on how to properly analyse the generalisability, validity, reliability etc.
If you have an example answer that would also be great, I'm just not sure how to structure it and the right words/detail I should be using.

Thank you.
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Was your sample generalisable? For example, if you conducted the study on just your fellow students, would you get the same results for the entire population? (adults, children, the elderly). Also, were there more females than males (vice versa) as this could impact on your results as females may answer differently to males depending on what your study was about. How big/small was your sample? If it was small it is unlikely it is a good generalisation to the entire population. So it is important to consider what your study was about and how your sample could impact the results.
Validity: How was your data collected? Questionnaires? could be biased, easy to lie, ambiguous questions, did you pilot study the questionnaires? Could all impact on how valid your results are.

In evaluations it is always important to consider the limitations. Look at method of data collection as there a pro's and cons for both quantitative methods and qualitative methods (just google them). Again, look at sample! (gender, age, ethnicity, geographical location, etc) what can be the problems with using a limited sample? However there are always pro's in how your study went. Finally do not forget to include what can be done to improve!

Hope this helps with your evaluation!

I would just like to ask if you have 20 minutes spare to help with my dissertation and answer my survey! All anonymous and would be extremely grateful!

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