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Failing science!! How can i get better? watch

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    i reallllllllllllllly like science however i am not good at it especially when i am failing in my mocks. i have never gotten a B which is awful since i need to get it in order to do it in A level. What is the best way to revise and actually remember it for the long term. (btw I'm in year 11 so last year in high school)

    You're difficulty might be either understanding the topics, or knowing how to answer exam questions, or it's a combination of both.

    If it's your understanding that you need to improve, you need to get your hands on a couple of different textbooks and use them to make notes / mind-maps etc, use YouTube channels such as "Get To Know Science", ask a teacher, get a tutor, etc.

    If it's your ability to do well in tests, then you need to do more exam papers! Do some past papers and use the mark schemes to help you understand where you went wrong. Also you can ask your teachers to help you understand how to better answer the questions.

    Everyone has different methods that work for them. What I do is read over my notes every other day or so and eventually, you should start to remember some of it.
    For example, start biology and read over all your notes for one day, then the next, then move on to physics another day and read over that for two days and then start chemistry or go back to biology. (I have no idea if that made sense or not).

    1. Buy a CGP revision guide.
    2. Read 1 page.
    3. Close the book.
    4. Write down everything you can remember in detail.
    5. Open the book to the same page and check what you remembered.
    6. Repeat steps 3-5.
    7. Take a break after 20 mins, regardless of how much you've understood.
    8. After the break, either continue with the same page or move on to another page and repeat all the steps.

    These are the things that helped me boost my grades and from As-Bs to A*s that I always get in all the gcse sciences.
    1) There's no reason for you to learn everything. I used to read the book and decide for myself which stuff was important and which was not. Now, I always read the specification/syllabus and studied the stuff mentioned in it. However, I still advice you to read everything to help understand the topic.
    2) Past papers: After you have finished studying, solve some past papers and look at the mark scheme. Make sure not to memorise it though.
    3) Motivate yourself. All three sciences can be very interesting so try to visualize the topic you're covering and you can also watch youtube videos. Just find ways to make it appealing. For me a good textbook with images can easily motivate me.
    4) These sites may provide you additional help: www.my-gcsescience.com

    learning the content then doing past papers really helps me to highlight what my problem areas are. also making notes from the specification so that you know exactly what you're supposed to be learning and cgp books always help to make notes from as well. Good luck!!
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