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I seem to push all my friends away watch

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    There's no method of making friends, be yourself and if they like you, it'll happen, if not? Screw 'em. I've never been hugely social and I don't make friends easily at all but the one's I do have are absolute diamonds. Also, well done for cutting off the prick, that's not easy and it took me 3 years to do that and I'm 20 haha! You seem like an intelligent and responsible person, you'll be alright!
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    Why don't you arrange with the kids you have lunch with to go out outside of school? They obviously like you if you spend breaks with them. You might not feel close enough to invite them out but maybe that's the next step in your friendship to reach that level. At sixth form be confident and friendly to everyone you meet and try to have lunch with different people everyday so you have a wide friendship group. Don't fall in a concert zone and stick with the first people you meet. Obviously you will always grow apart from people you were initially close with but that's life. Eventually you will find you have a big group of close friends

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    Over the past 5 years (year 11 now) I've had a rotating friend group. It started off with a core group, and me and this kid were good friends. Eventually, he started talking to another kid, and we eventually just stopped talking and going round to each others houses. Same has happened with two of the other friends, and I barely talk to them now. I've managed to make my way into another friend group, what you might call unpopular kids, but that's only at lunch and break, but nothing after school. I seem to be decent friends with most people now, but not close enough to invite them round, and now I've only got one real mate from primary who I regularly meet up with, with the other one being a prick so I cut him off, and the other being a ghost on social media and texting. I'll be going to a new sixth form and I'm scared it's got to be the same. Any advice on making friends quickly?
    I'm gonna be honest with you kiddo... high school friends are mostly all fake. I'm 100% sure that once you leave school you'll only stay in contact with 1 or 2 friends regularly... the rest won't even pop up or anything coz honestly they're just fake ass pricks. Anywho as for making new friends at sixth form... it all depends on your interests, likes, hobbies etc. Me and my mate became friends because we used the same app to read books and we instantly clicked.. anywho.. honestly making friends isn't difficult.. all you gotta do is introduce yourself.. speak briefly about yourself like your fav colour, food etc. Ask the person you're talking to the same questions and then ask them "d'you wanna come with me to lunch?" Or "wanna come with me at break?" Or something asking them to come with you buh in a cool way ig. Don't stress about making friends, it comes naturally. I'm sure you'll make amazing friends and as for your high school friends.. **** em.. except for the genuine ones of course

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