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Girls how important is a guy's personality for u - REALLY? watch


    Hi there,

    At first I was not at all attracted to my current boyfriend. I'll level with you - he's not what you would call a stud BUT he does have a sweet face and doesn't have physical characteristics that put me off. So, for example, if you're a bit fat, you need to be aware that it does put some people off.

    My boyfriend won me over with his personality. It took a bit more patience and time but in the end I do believe that it is the most important thing. Now that I know him much better I can tell you that I will still love him, even if he gains weight! haha. A person's value is not in their looks but if someone doesn't know that value yet, they do judge on looks.

    Appearance can also give insight to someone's character - so personal hygiene, whether they are lazy or not, vain or not. So it shouldn't be totally disregarded.

    Hope this helped a little.

    Of course it's important lmao

    Personality and looks are both equally important for me personally. I couldn't be with someone who was an 11/10 but had the personality of a door knob. Equally I couldn't be with someone who had a great personality but I wasn't physically attracted to them
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    Personally- i always go for personality, the looks and attractiveness grows alot after imo.

    obvs there has to be some sort of physical attraction- something about them that makes you interested in them, but its 80% personality and 20% looks for me! :yep:

    very very important.I think it comes b4 looks..in my opinion anways

    If he's rich then its not important.

    Kidding. Just to make that clear.

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    (Original post by Withengar)
    Let's be real here, as much as it's hurtful for some people to hear it.

    Vast majority of people will develop that initial attraction towards you because of your looks. While your personality and your charisma might help you in the long run, all of that is mostly useless in an average person's mind if they're not physically attracted to you. There are individuals out there who will look past your appearance and give you a chance, but if there isn't much of a physical attraction, it most likely won't end up well.

    That is the reason that seemingly unpleasant individuals who look conventionally attractive still get attention, while someone with a more moderate personality and average looks might not get as many looks. Humans occasionally value appearance to such an extent that they're willing to look beyond your behavior, while they mostly don't value personality in such a way that would make them look past your appearance.
    Thank God someone said this in a thread full of lies!
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