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    I'm 18 and I have developed a massive crush on my 23 year old teacher, who had joined my school last year, after I had my heart broken by a guy I had loved for 4 years. I know it's wrong, and that nothing can ever come of it, yet I let it get too far. It has gotten to the point that I am obsessed with him - he's all I talk/think about, I daydream constantly about him falling in love with me after graduation, and I get all nervous and excited when he's nearby. I get too excited that I feel sick, my heart beats so fast and my hands shake. I'm tired of feeling like this every time I have a lesson with him.

    I really just want to end this obsession before it turns into 'love' but I don't know how. It's so hard not to like him when he's so attractive, nice to me, motivates me to do well, and really clever. My friends tell me to try meeting someone new but I go to a girls private school so that's impossible, and I don't really want to meet guys at parties either. What should I do?

    This literally sounds like me, except add a good ten or so years onto his age 😁
    Like you, I have tried to just "get over it" but unfortunately, it isn't that simple.
    There isn't much you can do besides accepting the feelings you have for him (don't beat yourself up over it!!) .
    Also bear in mind that who he is in your daydreams and who he is in real life are probably two quite different people. Instead of seeing him as the guy you wish to be your boyfriend, see him as a model of the traits you would like in a boyfriend.

    You say he is attractive, nice, motivating and clever- but there are lots of guys out there who are like that!
    Of course, there is a chance of things happening if the feelings are reciprocated by him once you graduate, but don't build up any expectations at this point or you may be disappointed.

    nothing helps more in getting over a crush than a good, healthy one night stand.
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