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Giving up seats on the train - am I in the wrong? watch

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    (Original post by AndrewSCO)
    I would say pregnant women, people on crutches/slings/casts etc, disabled and elderly people (who aren't able to stand like the average younger person can) are the only people you should give up seats for (barring other exceptions I haven't thought of).

    When you say "older" women I don't know if you mean 40 or 80, but I don't see why you would need to give up your seat for a normal 40 year old woman.

    Plus you have your own requirements for a seat and maybe just could have explained that, but don't need to feel guilty.
    I completely agree. I would give up my seat for people who are in more need of it than I am.

    I guess the two women were in their late fifties, early sixties possibly?

    The glaring makes me feel as if I've done something wrong.

    (Original post by Egooo)
    I think if the old lady isn't polite enough to even ask for a seat, she doesn't deserve one anyway! You can't just stand and glare at people and expect to get what you want. Realistically, how are you to know she actually needs one? Some older people out there might actually feel embarrassed or offended if everyone automatically assumed they're unable to stand just because of how old they look.
    I agree! I think it's ridiculous to glare at someone and then expect them to do something for you after being so rude.

    And that's true. I never really thought about that...

    (Original post by serah.exe)
    You don't owe them ****

    You need the seat more than they do anyway

    (Original post by niteninja1)
    if you were sat in it it's your seat on a tube.
    I guess that's true!

    (Original post by nomophobia)
    You have no reason to feel guilty - just because your reason isn't obvious, doesn't mean you can't have the seat seeing as you genuinely need it. Just ignore everyone else, people are so quick to judge and assume but you don't need justify yourself. And you're definitely not in the wrong, next time someone glares at you on the train, just completely blank them out - they aren't worth the time.

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    Thanks. I do admit, I have felt like I've needed to justify myself before as I look quite healthy. I'll try blanking them out next time.

    (Original post by Willy Pete)
    I tend to smile back if someone has the nerve to glare at me.

    I suffer from chronic pain in my shoulders, which is exacerbated by standing on the tube because it has too low of a ceiling so I can't actually stand up straight.

    Just smile and continue your day like nothing happened.
    Thanks. I'll try smiling back next time. :lol:

    (Original post by TimidPhoenix)
    Thanks. I do admit, I have felt like I've needed to justify myself before as I look quite healthy. I'll try blanking them out next time.
    As someone with a hidden disability too, I know what it feels like, but remember, other people should be making adjustments for you and not you making adjustments for them.

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