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I'm so confused about my English Language course does anyone have the one that's like paper 1 on CLA and data analysis and Paper 2 language change and variation? helpppp
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Sounds like AQA.

Paper 1 Q1

Meaning and representation, modern text.

- Make sure that you focus on meaning (explicit and implicit) and representation of the writer, topic and text source. E.g for a blog:

a) how does the writer portray him/herself,

b) how do they portray the topic ?

c) how does the blog page represent itself?

Paper 1 Q2 Meaning and representation, older text. As above.

Paper 1 Q3 Comparison of language use.

- How is the topic presented in both texts?

- How many of the differences can be attributed to historical changes?

- How does the different context affect language use?

Paper 1 Q4 Children’s Language acquisition – spoken

Paper 1 Q5 Children’s Language acquisition – written


Paper 2 Q1 – Language and Gender

30 marks

Argue your point of view linked to language and gender. This needs to be written as a persuasive piece, giving a clear opinion to guide the reader rather than just stating facts.

Plan your answer. Produce a series of clearly linked paragraphs.

Paper 2 Q2 – Language change

30 marks
(As above)

Paper 2 Q3 Language Discourses
40 marks. Two media texts giving attitudes towards language (eg accent, slang, different registers, dialect) Compare how effectively they convey their opinions.

Paper 2 Q4 Language Discourses – Write an opinion article about language change.
30 marks. Write to argue your views on the topic covered in the articles for Q3.

If you look at the AQA English Language website page you can download the syllabus and look at some sample questions and mark schemes.

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