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    Does anyone have any advice on potential questions I may be asked for a degree interview for adult nursing?

    Any help is so appreciated Thanks

    (Original post by lsan7)

    Does anyone have any advice on potential questions I may be asked for a degree interview for adult nursing?

    Any help is so appreciated Thanks
    lsan7 Hi, How many upcoming interviews have you received? What are your uni choices?

    My advice to you, in terms of interview preparation, I would say firstly relax and don't let your nerves define you as a person. Yes we are all humans and nerves are natural but go into your interview with enthusiasm and a clear open mind.

    Easier said than done right! Well here's some news for you. My first interview was the hardest one because I didn't know what to expect but when I sat my literacy and numeracy test I did the best I could to the best of my knowledge and ability. That's all we can do right! When I got through to interview stage I was over the moon and I knew It wasn't over yet I still had to prove myself.

    Depending on the course you have applied for, I would advise you to research the role of a nurse/ midwife/ ODP and know it enough to answer any question about the subject and use your transferable skills and personal qualities and skills. Research the specific skills, qualities and personality of your chosen career. Look at what's going in the media for instance shortage of beds in many hospitals at the moment what are the implications of this on patients/ staff, the local community for instance. Know your subject inside and out. They are not expecting you to be an expert but it's useful to know and understand the demands and pressures of a nurse/ midwife and so on.

    Another thing every university is different some will adopt a traditional interview style/ group exercise or an MMI - multiple mini interview or selection days. It's useful to know which style you will have to attend. Think about the questions you might be asked and situations that you might encounter working in the healthcare environment. Youtube is a good source or Google for looking for common interview techniques or questions.

    General questions read,

    1) Why do you want to become an Adult Nurse?

    2) What experience do you have in Nursing?

    3) What do you know about the Nursing and Midwifery Council?

    4) What is the role of an Adult Nurse?

    5) What qualities do you have that's essential for Nursing?

    6) What skills do you have to become a Nurse?

    7) What is the most demanding aspect of the study programme, and how would you overcome this?

    8) Discuss a time when you had to convey an important message to someone - describe how you did this and what the end result was.

    9) What do you think about parents smoking in front of their children?

    10) What do you think about a disabled couple having a child?

    11) What can you tell me about the Nursing Code of Practice?

    12) What do you know about the NHS Constitution?

    13) Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

    14) If you had £1 million to spend on healthcare, what would you spend it on and why?

    15) How do you cope with stress?

    16) Where does Nursing take place?

    17) How do you manage your time?

    18) How do you deal with criticism and/or authority?

    19) What do you know about current Nursing issues in the media?

    20) What challenges affect Nursing in the UK?

    21) How would you cope with the death of a patient?

    22) What does confidentiality mean and why is it important?

    23) What do you know about consent?

    24) Why is communication important?

    25) Why is teamwork important?

    26) How would you handle challenging patients?

    27) What do you think is the worst part of being a Nurse?

    28) What might a typical day on a ward involve for a Nurse?

    29) Do you have any questions?

    Also, there are forums which discuss specific universities which may help you on your journey, I hope my response was helpful.

    Let me know how your interviews go!!!

    lsan7 Hi, have you attended the interview, if so, how did it go?

    lsan7 Hey, any updates?
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