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best friend dating my ex watch

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    okay so I have just come out of a long term relationship. me and my ex boyfriend were dating for about 3 and half years and I have been single for a month now. our break up was nothing big like cheating or anything. it's just that we have been arguing a lot and fighting and we just realised we want different things and we were pretty much on good terms. but I do still love him very much and I am not over him.

    I just came to find out that my best friend is secretly dating him. ( my sister told me. she's best Freinds with my ex boyfriend sister). anyway I was sooo angry and jealous(I know I have no right to feel this way but I can't help it) I confronted her and she told me "I'm not doing anything wrong since you guys are broken up". I was honestly so hurt to hear that because first she's my best friend second she didnt even tell me. she even told me that she has had strong feelings for him for a long time. and I'm also hurt that he moved on so quickly....

    I honestly wouldn't be hurt this much if it was someone else. how can I ever look at her the same way again? I just feel like cutting all ties with her since it's too painful for me to see them together(there always using hands. laughing together,cuddling) . I know some of you are gonna say she's not doing anything anything wrong so get over it. But me and ex boyfriend have been together for so long. we have experienced so much together. I can't help feeling so betrayed. she and my ex hurt me soo bad I'm finding it hard to move on.... 😢😢

    (I noticed through out my relationship she would give him some "looks" buti
    I Ignored it and didn't think anything of it) any advise would be appreciated. I just want someone on my side for a change 🙁

    also me and my "best friend " have been friend ever since we were kids. we are now both 22.

    Shes is a terrible friend, let alone best friend.

    There are some things you dont do.

    I'd ditch her completely as a friend.
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    Of course you still love him, you shared 3 and a half years of your life with him....

    For your 'best friend' to says she's not doing anything wrong... She's a cow and she clearly hasn't considered your feelings. You're better off without her. Friends don't do that to each other, she's shown absolutely no respect for you.
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