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I'm struggling and nothing is getting better. watch

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    It's quite possibly the biggest mistake I ever made. I thought a practical course would be better for me, more suited and would give me better skills for a future job. I wish i'd done something academic. It was fun for the first 6 months. Now i've got 4 months left of college and an attendance well below 65% because I hate it so much I can't bear to drag myself in.

    I don't like the subject. I did but i've changed my mind big time, I've applied for a degree that is basically a polar opposite to my course and i've got conditional offers. I'm scared I won't meet these offers because I do struggle with the practical work and that's what I need to get me in. And my attendance definitely won't help my grade. I don't like my class, they're all fine and i'm not being bullied or anything, I just don't have any actual friends. All my friends either attend a different campus, don't go to college, or live in different parts of the countries because I met them while I was travelling. I sit in my class and I do no work because I can't concentrate with everyone around me. I get self conscious, i've tried music but i can't listen and write, i've tried earplugs but they don't help properly, and when it gets to lunch I have to go sit on my own some more because everyone in my class has got used to ignoring me. I have to get up at 4:30am to get in for 7:15, because the later train would make me 4 minutes late. So I spend an extra 3.5 hours a day waiting for public transport, and that makes me feel so defeated that I spend so much time there doing nothing but I could be at home getting all that stuff done. I can't be myself at college. Outside of college i'm happy, I dress the way I want and i'm not held back by having no friends and a lack of motivation for what i'm doing. I don't feel like me. It's horrible.

    What can I do to makes these last four months more bearable? I need a merit and I can't wing my way through this course. I need hard work to get that grade, and i'm seriously struggling. Someone tell me what the best thing to do is.

    Hi, I'm sorry you feel this way, school can be extremely tough at times and it does not make matters easier if you're struggling to fit in, trust me I know what that's like. Just think to yourself "it's only a few more months" and then at least you'll be off to uni with the door open to make new friends and start fresh.

    Why did you chose a degree that you think you would not suitable for? Is there any possibility you can change to a different degree? I know the last thing you want to do when you get home from school is to do more learning but if you're really struggling to understand the material while you are at school, try powering through it by yourself at home where you have no distractions.

    It might be worth seeing if there is an after school study group you can attend where it's a small group of students who go over material taught on that day.

    I hope things get a bit better for you and just remember you've come this far, what's another few months?

    Chin up
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