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Speaker declares Trump too racist and sexist to speak in Westminster Hall Watch

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    Bercow is a disgusting populist who's pandering to the leftist liberal masses that hate Trump to boost his ego and impose his ideology upon others but to be fair, I don't care what he does. He's far too insignificant to make any damage…

    A guy who was in favour of repatriation banning the president because he's "racist", bit of a double standard.

    As a leftist, I disagree with his decision. It should be up to the presiding government cabinet and the monarch to decide whether to invite a foreign leader to speak in Westminster Hall. No matter how much you might disagree with their decision on any grounds, it is their decision; and at the end of the day, it's only a ceremony so it's not like it's going to ruin the country if Trump's allowed to visit.

    I actually think we should invite our allies to visit more often, even if we disagree with them. The best means to show your disapproval of a foreign leader's actions is to speak to them, not to avoid meeting them.
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      Perhaps, if enough countries give Trump the cold shoulder, he will get the message and step down.

      I think The Daily Stormer did the best article on this matter that I've read so far... I won't post it here though as I don't want to get banned

      (Original post by Fullofsurprises)
      Actually it is his decision, along with the Speaker of the Lords. The issue is being widely seen as him not keeping quiet about that, but personally I think he's right to be public and vocal about it, we no longer live in an age of smoke filled rooms and gentleman's clubs.
      By the very nature of the Speaker's role, and in line with Parliamentary convention, the Speaker is supposed to be impartial when they are in the hot seat. Your reference to "smoke filled rooms and gentleman's clubs" is therefore flawed. If the Speaker made a proclamation in the chair that he disagreed with, I don't know - legalisation of drugs, how could MPs be sure that he would maintain his impartiality and chair a fair debate on that topic?

      How would you feel if it was the other side of the coin and a very right-wing speaker proclaimed that they really looked forward to welcoming Trump because they found merit in Trump's policies? Would you still be praising this openness and transparency?

      Bercow was right to express his opinion and I admire his stance on many topics, but he should have waited until retirement from the chair before doing so.

      (Original post by Morganblue68)
      Okay you did this much better than I did :P
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