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    I'm very anti-social. I've left school, etc. I spend everyday alone in my room. I don't want to become social, but I feel like I might have to if I want to get ahead in life and further my career.

    Everyone was was ever successfully, near enough, has someone who led them to that success. For example, few musicians have managed to become successful without someone like SImon Cowell or Brian Epstein.
    No musician releases music by themselves and becomes successful, they need someone.
    How am I meant to find someone that I may need if I never leave my house, making contacts.

    But what do I do? Is there like some place all the high flyers meet up and discuss business or something? What's the deal? I feel useless.

    It's quite difficult to succeed today if you are openly "anti-social". Richard Branson completely ****ed up at school yet is mega successful. And a large part of this is his social and emotional intelligence.

    And re the meeting up with "high flyers", if you attend uni, many large companies hold campus events. Eminent figures also visit and hold talks and networking sessions. Can't think of much else for a "normal person" unless you have connections.

    You mention to music the music industry and connections. I'm not sure that applies to most other areas of life. That's just how the music industry is. An artist, no matter how talented, needs to be introduced to the right people in order to "make it". This doesn't really apply as much in other industries and nepotism is fading.

    This falls in line with the whole "It's not what you know but who you know" thing, which is only true for people who don't know anything useful.

    If you specialise in some field which is required in industry then you are the equivalent of the cave-man who has discovered fire in a world without it, and are the guy that everyone else needs to know.

    You could try and make friends at work, and you never know, they may know someone influential who they could introduce you to.
    Most companies have a sort of 'get-together' type evening at the end of the week where their employees can bond, although I guess this depends on what line of work you are in.
    If the above doesn't apply to you, then you could try going out more, going to social events and places like festivals or a book club. Also if you have friends from school that you still keep in touch with you could try and improve your friendship by asking them to go out somewhere.

    That's all I got, hope it's helpful
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