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    Applying for a games art course, how many pieces do I need to put in my portfolio?

    (Original post by ilumi)
    Applying for a games art course, how many pieces do I need to put in my portfolio?
    Hi I'm a game art student in University of Hertfordshire.

    Doesn't matter how many, what matters is how good they are and the variety. Most people say go for 30 pages max. But at my interviews I just brought a crap load of stuff. Really don't think you should limit yourself. The person interviewing you isn't going to spend a long time looking at your work so it doesn't matter how much you bring. They're just going to flick through it all in a few seconds anyway no matter how much it is. They might flick through all your work that you didn't even think to should go in the actual portfolio and see one thing they like and accept you on that basis (happened to me with a random polygon foot I drew in one of my sketchbooks) I would put all your best work together in one portfolio. Then have anything else you want to show that you think is useful seperate, like sketch books, or clay models or whatever (that's what I did).

    I'll bold the most important things.

    If you can do 3D work that's a big bonus (I'm pretty sure my university doesn't even accept you anymore without having done any 3D work. You'd have to be really badass at painting and life drawing to get in without it). If you're doing that you should try to learn good topology and edge flow. Basically think of water flowing round your object the topology should be streamlined and as even as possible. And also as low poly as possible while still looking good. Also don't put any triangles or 5 siders. Just squares. It needs to be like that when you press the smooth button.


    For 2D artwork though:
    You need lots of life drawing examples.
    perspective drawings. Buildings are good.
    Try to design a character from start to finish and do a turn around of it like this.

    only back front side and 3/4 are important

    You can draw a foot / hand / head and break it down into a polygonal shapes like this. With varying levels of detail from almost square head / hand / foot, to realistic.

    You can also take already drawn heads. And draw on the topology on top of them to show you've got an understanding of how that stuff works. (type in head tolopogy on google images), (car topology) (*insert object* topology)


    Btw I didn't even do a lot of this stuff when I went to my interview. I just got onto the course because I had some pretty badass paintings, life drawings. And I broke a foot, and face down into really low poly shapes in some drawings and he liked it because it's similar to what is done on the 3D programs.

    This is some of the work that was in my portfolio. Everything from 'Leeeeyah' (black and white girl portrait) onwards is what I did before I got into university. My artwork from back then isn't even that oriented to games. My Alevel teacher didn't let me do much game artsy stuff. I just skipped school and did some on my own, alot of it isn't on the website though.


    Also good websites where you can make threads and ask about this stuff are
    3dhit.co.uk (that's my university's animation website)
    artstation (for inspiration and examples of badass artwork)

    I got either conditional or unconditional offers at all the places I applied to so if you follow this advice you're golden :borat:

    Also depends where you're applying. If you're applying to a crappy course hardly any of this applies lol.
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