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Rage sex and girls almost old enough to be my mother watch

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    Messy head today so you can share your opinions or heckle (bring it on). Back in high school I went through girls a little recklessly, not in the sense that I slept with everyone but in the sense that I always had to be with someone, I couldn't just be on my own. Towards the end of high school (I think we're talking 2014 here) I tossed the v-card with my then girlfriend and we carried on dating through about half of my first year at college having a lot of sex. It went stale as things do and quickly became just about the sex, argument fuelled sex though is a funny thing, everything is wrong with the relationship but the sex is better than ever. Yeah, I probably broke that off 2 months too late.

    I haven't properly had sex since. In the October of the following year there was a fleeting moment of misguided passion when a taken girl came onto me. I thought better of it before I even had half my clothes off so I drove her home. That was it until last summer when I met a girl in my local pub, long story short I had to leave early and go deal with a family crisis but I got her number anyway. She turned out to be 11 years my senior and so followed 2 months of mindless sexting. By the time the opportunity came in September to turn it into something real I'd lost interest so I cut ties.

    That's pretty much it, I finished my HND last year and moved down to Glasgow for direct entry into 3rd year of a degree. I'm fed up of forcing myself to put in effort for girls that aren't right for me and, if I'm honest, terrified that I might let things get as bad as they had with the first girl I mentioned. I don't really want to have sex with anyone anymore until I meet someone who's really and truly worth it but at the same time it's been over 2 years now and it really gets me down some days now.

    I'm a good looking guy, tall but toned without being a gym freak and I've got that age old curse of being very deep thinking and reserved. Most people would probably have trouble placing an age on me which should be expanding horizons in my favour.

    When am I going to catch a break? :confused:
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    11 years older is old enough to be your mother??

    You've really answered your own question here. It seems to me that you need to find a girl that you match personality with first before entering into the sex part of the relationship. Beside the sex will be so much better. Yes, it's been a while but with both girls (although was 11 yrs older) you seemed quite focused on the sexual aspect of the relationship. You didn't say what you like about this girls or what about the you found attractive or just generally liked about them. You sound like you became bored with both of them. Maybe it was just timing and you grew in different directions but be careful if this becomes a repeating pattern. I'd suggest that you're now in Glasgow and there are plenty of single women so go out with several different girls and see who's personality you fancy, who you can just enjoy her company then try to build a relationship on that and give it a while before you take to the the sex level. Having a strong personal connection (foundation) first will go a long way when you're ready for the sex part and it will help to keep things from going stale.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    11 years older is old enough to be your mother??
    Explains a lot
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