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    There is a theory we influence every person we meet for good or ill, greatly or infinitesimally and that it spreads, like ripples on a pond, to people we have not and will never meet. Some people try therefore, to moderate their behaviour such that they make a good influence. The problem is, their good attitude or behaviour or whatever, may be someone else’s bad behaviour. If you greet everyone with a smile, odds are that someone will resent your irritating, smiley, visage. Children as they reach adulthood may copy their parent’s traits or revolt against them. Then it gets more complicated. Your influence on person A may have the reverse influence on person B, and what influence on persons C, D, E, etc. Some people are held up as models, either heroes or villains but in the long history of man their existence is not even a blink of the eye, their memory fades from humankind within another blink. Is there some sort of theory of mass behaviour that predicts whether one person or group can permanently influence the wider population? If there is, is there any evidence it is true?

    I'm sure there's a theory but I can't think of one right now. I do, however, agree with the sentiment here. As far as I'm concerned, we have many examples of people, who for better, or usually worse, have made great influences in the population, and thus have become immortalized in history by their actions. I very much doubt that people will forget the name Adolf Hitler any time soon, despite the fact, that no one again will ever know him or be directly effected by his actions, in a manner of speaking. However, my only counter would be to what extent could anyone be immortalized? Many people today do not keep to the original thoughts of the person. Many ideas can be manipulated given the right context, for example, everyone loves to quote Nietzsche's famous "God is dead" without accepting that rather than some 'emo battle cry', that Nietzsche's original take on it was not a happy one, rather one to be regretful of, and in turn, encourage us to fill our lives with other more meaningful pursuits than one of religion, filling our lives with culture instead.

    In a broad sense, in a way, any person's name can be immortalized with enough good deeds, or indeed evil ones, but whether their opinions, their take on life, the thoughts that made them who they are, are immortalized in the same way is not as provable. History is a big game of whispers, details get dropped and changed along the way, it's just human nature. So, I don't know if there's a specific theory, however I think there's plenty of evidence if you look for it.
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