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Just writing this post in the hope I'll cheer someone up and just let you know you're not alone Image ...

It's February and whether you Disso is due next month or April you're probably starting to worry and sacrifice sleep just to put in that work. I know how it feels to spend all night in the library & leaving at 8/9am to sleep for 3 hours and do work all over again. I know the fear of 'what If this doesn't sound good enough' 'I feel so behind' 'my friends done more than me what if mine is wrong' etc. It's nerve wracking and most of all draining. But pleaseeeeee just know, that all the work you are putting in, those late night work sessions WILL PAY OFF! just be consistent & discipline yourself to a certain amount for words per day if you need to. You are not alone in this, if it gets too much remember your support system .. family, Friends, partner even your supervisor .. you don't have to struggle in silence. I wish you all the best of luck in your dissertations and you all recieve the grade you deserve Image i know you're feeling drained and feel like a living zombie on auto pilot mode right now but it'll all be worth it !! Image

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