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Where does Nationalism fit on the political spectrum? watch

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    Looking to get to start a thread to offer some explanation/opinion from politics students or experts on where they think nationalism should be placed on the political spectrum.

    Is this a predominantly right-wing phenomenon or majority left-wing?

    This question has arisen from seeing several examples from the political world right now that seem to peddle their own nationalist agenda but are on opposite ends of the political spectrum. These are:
    • UKIP/Brexit = British Nationalism (Right - This is arguable i know!)
    • SNP = Scottish Nationalism (Left)
    • Front National & Marine Le Pen = French Nationalism (Right)
    • Sinn Fein = Irish Nationalism (Left)
    • Donald Trump & Republican Party = American Nationalism (Right)

    This is in addition to those extreme examples seen in recent history
    • National Socialism/Nazi Party = German Nationalism (Right)
    • USSR = Soviet Nationalism (Left)
    • Fidel Castro/Cuban Communists = Cuban Nationalism (Left)

    Whilst i realise this offers sweeping generalisations of very complex issues/causes associated with each example, but nevertheless nationalism is unarguably a significant part of their agenda and shows how nationalism is present across the political spectrum.

    Can anyone offer an explanation for this?

    Literally the same thing.

    There can be nationalists from both sides of the spectrum. Often, nationalists can be quite left-orientated towards the native population, but right wing when dealing with foreigners. Some may be right wing for both (religious conservativatism mixed with nationalism). I think left-left would be a bit of a strange mix though, because a left-attitude towards foreigners would likely make one less inclined towards nationalism. Unless it was the promotion of immigration from countries seen as similar, but not from others; then it could work.

    This among other things shows how simplistic/ outdated our left/ right politics divide is. The Front Nationale and the BNP are economics wise pretty left wing. Same with the Nazis and Stalinists.

    Although not perfect- this is probably the best test out there which shows the many nuances of politics : http://www.abtirsi.com/quiz2.php

    Thus takes into account

    Your position on economics, government, foreign policy, nationalism and progressivism

    It's mild authoritarianism which encompasses left and right wing political philosophies.

    Ethnic nationalism is generally regarded as right-wing. Civic nationalism can be left or right, but usually lends itself to moderate left movements (e.g. most of those you've listed as being left).

    "Ethnic nationalism is generally regarded as right-wing"
    But wrongly because it can be either. Its usually socially traditionalist, but economically more likely to moderately left.

    "Civic nationalism can be left or right".
    True. The SNP have changed from being a moderately right wing party to firmly left.
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