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Considering dropping out of Nursing degree, due to depression/anxiety...HELP?! watch

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    I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct place, as I've never used this website before, but here goes.

    I'm half way through my second year of my nursing degree. My first year was okay. I got by with mediocre grades (as I'm not the most academic person) and I did enjoy my two clinical placements, but knew deep down that my heart wasn't in it. I feel like I'd chosen a degree to please my parents, who were worried about what path I was going to take after my A Levels.

    Ever since returning for my second year in September 2016, I've really really struggled. In October 2016 I was diagnosed with severe depression and generalised anxiety disorder and have really not had good luck with GPs - was prescribed anti-depressants but have stopped taking them after a couple of months, as I feel they are having no effect. I've just given up really. I also feel even worse because I haven't told my family about the decline in my mental health. We've suffered a lot of heart ache recently in the family and I just don't have the heart to put the extra stress on them/don't think they'll understand.

    It's now gotten to the point where I really want to drop out because I'm becoming more and more ill. I'm not taking my anti-depressants, I going days without sleep due to my anxiety and frequent panic attacks and I'm extremely unhappy. I know this degree isn't right for me and I feel like it's ruining my life, right now.

    The main thing stopping me from dropping out - or even just taking a year out for health reasons, if that's even possible?! - is my family. I feel like I'm letting them down and feel incredibly selfish as they send me a large amount of money each month, for living costs/rent (I get a means-tested NHS bursary/student loan, but due to their income, I get next to nothing).

    I've even thought about taking my own life because I feel like there is no way out. If I drop out my family are going to hate me and I have no back-up plan. I can't go on like this.

    I hope that made sense and wasn't too long-winded.


    If it's making you severely ill I would speak to someone at the university first and see what advice they can give you. I was severely depressed at university and almost failed but they got me through it.

    If you are only doing this to please your parents and you yourself don't want to do this then you need to speak to them. Your future career shouldn't be in nursing if you don't like it. There is nothing worse than the peer pressure to do well just to please your parents, I feel it's human nature to do so.

    Consider seeking therapy ASAP and speak to your parents about it if you are comfortable enough to do so. Please don't get yourself so ill that you want to take your own life, it's not worth it

    I went to uni once and regretted it but I'm now at an age where I am ready to go again. It took me 26 years to realise what I wanted to do with my life, there is no right or wrong time to know what you want to do in the future. It will come, just focus on getting better please.

    All the best

    They can't blame you. You don't know how hard the course is until you tried it, and student reviews only tell you so much.
    But I do agree that life issues are typically caused by ill thought decisions. While you are keen to "blame" your own parents for making you decide on uni too early, they'll say you weren't prepared for the alternatives (that being going straight into employment, or taking an apprenticeship)
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    I have just failed my first assignment of first year, and I have only been achieving the minimum of a pass. I know the feeling of you want to make your parents proud. My sister failed uni, and so I am the last person in my family to go to uni. I'm struggling immensely and I don't know how i'm going to cope with second year, if I am only achieving a low grade everytime. I put the effort in but it doesn't pay off at all. You are doing the right thing seeking advice and with mental health illness, it is all just negative thoughts never the good in any situation. It is going to be tough, but who knows you might achieve your goals in three years from now or 10 years it doesn't matter as long as you do what is right for you in this present time. You seem like such a strong person even seeking advice, so you are more than capable of achieving anything, just need to put yourself first.
    Its not being selfish, its keeping yourself healthy and doing what you want to do, and getting yourself back to the happy and content person you want to be.
    Your not alone at all, and nursing is the hardest degree possible, i'm living proof of it the same as you xxx
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    I'm in my first year of nursing as I started in march and I'm really not sure if it's for me, I don't think I'm cut out to be a nurse.
    I'm always moody with my family as my boyfriend and I constantly feel fed up. I don't want to quit because I know I will just be disappointing everyone including myself!
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