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    I asked this in the Medicine forum, but don't seem to be getting many replies so decided to ask here.

    I have a few questions about applying for Medicine in Scottish unis. I am in S5 and my grades are as follows.

    N5: English, Maths, Biology, Physics, Music Tech. ABBBC (English is at C)
    Higher: English, Maths, Biology, Physics, Music Tech. 5 A's predicted.

    1. Most unis require English at a minimum of B at Nat5, but since I am doing it in Higher and possibly getting an A wouldn't that override the C from Nat5?

    2. When should I apply? End of this year? I will have to crash Higher Chemistry so I suppose all offers if any will be conditional, is that right?

    3. Should I even try applying with this grades at Nat5? Do they matter? I have good work experience planned for the summer and volunteering too.


    1. Probably, but ask at open days
    2. Im sure your school will help you with your application. I would draft your statement over the summer and ask for peoples input. Applications open in September and Medicine deadlines are October.
    3. If you get 5A's then the poor nat 5 grades will matter less. You can also visit uni open days and ask questions there, which is probably the best thing to do.

    If you are somewhat confident that you'll achieve those grades then I would agree that you should start preparing to apply (statement, etc) over the summer holidays and make a final decision when your results come through.
    Many universities have open days around now for prospective students so I would have a look and get them booked, might even be a good idea to do that for uni's you would go to for your second choice subjects.
    Again any grade achieved at Higher level basically overrides the N5 grade at the same subject.

    Hi there.

    I'm also looking to apply to medicine, I'm in S5 doing 5 highers.

    1. If you are confident you can get 5 A's in Highers I'd do it imo. I believe an A at higher English would override a C at Nat 5 but best to check with the uni's you want to apply to.

    2. Apply after you get your results. The deadline is mid-October if I'm not wrong. It's good you've got work experience planned out as that'll be nice to have on your application. However I'd advise you decide if you're going into medicine now. You'll have to sit a UKCAT in the summer which factors into the selection process.
    With regards to crashing Higher Chemistry... Yes you will have to crash it. Most Scottish Uni's advise having all the sciences to at least Higher. I'm unsure if this means that you'll only get conditionals though. Some schools can't put forward students in 3 sciences so if you fall into that bracket I think there's exceptions. I have to do the same with Biology. Glasgow Uni say that missing sciences have to be taken in S6 if you can't sit them in S5 so in short yes crash it.

    3. Again it's best to check with universities but from what I've seen from the entry requirements on some Scottish Unis, none seem to put a lot of emphasis on NAT 5's anyway bar Aberdeen who say candidates should have a spread of A's and B's (Minimum for N5). If that's the case just don't apply to Aberdeen.

    I'm in S6 and I'm an applicant for medicine, so I might be able to help.

    1. If you get an A at Higher then yes, that should override your Nat 5 C. Ask at open days to make sure though.

    2. Yes, apply this year. Remember to take your UKCAT in the summer! Regarding conditions, all offers are conditional for people who have not yet left school.

    3. As long as you get the Higher grades, you should be fine. It might be worth avoiding Edinburgh though, they incorporate Nat 5s into your application score.

    I hope that covers everything!

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