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    Yeah so I'll make this one short and straight to the point - unlike all of my other posts...

    At the start of year 11 I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes after nearly falling into a comma! I basically think this had somewhat impacted my GCSE grades because I got far worse than I hoped. I also live in an area with the MOST OUTSTANDING SCHOOLS WITH A WHOPPING 10% PASS RATE FOR FRENCH. (Specialized School In Languages my a$$).

    Anyway, I only found out the requirements for medicine after high school (BECAUSE MY SCHOOL ARE WONDERFUL WITH CAREERS.... - pft, we never actually ever discussed university - only college) and as you'll probably figure out, I felt kinda sick.

    My Gcse's: AABBBBBBC <- (English Lang so I'm retaking - predicted A*) and... DD

    My School didn't exactly cope with my diabetes well either, as giving yourself 10 units of insulin in one of the two toilets for the ENTIRE school was, well thrilling...

    Well it was either that or I sat in a cramped office which had a big wonderful view for everyone outside to come and see. So yes, there were times when I ate my dinner, went to a revision class but forgot to do an injection. This will probably come back to bite me in the a$$ I know, I know. But that, the bullying, the social services and the constant worry on my BG readings sometimes got a little over whelming you know?

    So now I'm in a much better college studying Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics for A level. I really want to apply, but It's really undermining when I go to the medics group (inside the college) and 90+ asians are all crying because they missed the 9th A they were hoping for. Then there's me, in the corner, trying to cope.

    Anyway I've noticed a massive change in my grades due to the support I've been getting. I've literally just been predicted AAA and I was so pleased. I hope when applying they notice this and see the improvement, because believe it or not, my dream was to become a GP.... but now to become a consultant in Type 1 Diabetes.

    I'm not sure if I could put this all down as "extenuating circumstances" as I don't want to sound like the desperate kid using every excuse he's got to get into medical school.

    Extra Curricular : Scouting for 10 years, Sports club for 2 years. Volunteering at a hospices' charity shop since year 12. Volunteering at an after school club with children for 2 years. Done my NCS. Done my bronze DofE (Doing my Gold Dofe). & I've just confirmed a weeks placement at a hospital for April. I've also been working ever since I was 16. (McDonalds & Now petstore)

    So yeah I would most definitely appreciate any 'words of wisdom' or success stories similar to the conditions I'm in... or if you just wanna type some random shizzle, go for it!

    Listen young man,

    You have everything going for you - might not sound like it right now with your glucose shooting up and yoyo-ing all round the place, and these "Asian" (I am one, too, actually - a British Kenya Asian [so-called]) bookworms lurking in your corridors haha -

    DON'T WORRY - you will make it cos:

    1. You are determined [I can tell - I have helped dozens of young students of mine into med school]
    2. You have the motivation to do all this relevant work experience
    3. Your predicted A level grades are v good.
    4. I have had students with Cs and Ds at GCSE who got As and A*s at A level and are now medics.
    5. Medicine is not just about studying and hard work - yes, you do need that, but they also look for passion for medicine, a balanced approach to life and a lot more:

    a) good mental numeracy and literacy + good basic science skills + an analytical, searching mind: make sure you prove you have these by doing your best in your UKCAT/BMAT.
    b) a well-planned, accurate and unique PS that shows that you have thought deeply about your objectives and have gleaned useful practical insights into medicine from your various activities.
    c) prepare brilliantly for your interviews/MMI.

    CHEER UP - YOU CAN DO IT - check out my other similar posts, too!

    M (former medical student)

    The similrity between our situations its insane. I wanted me do medicine from the age of 8, but went into a diabetic coma 2 months before my GCSE exams and came out with 3 A’s and 7 B’s rather than the A* and A mix i was predicted/hoping for. I then didnt get ‘good’ grades at AS and decided that id never get into medicine.
    I started thinking about why i even wanted to do medicine anyway and realised that Childrens Nursing actually fit my personality much better. I wanted the contact time with the patients, and the social development that comes with nursing rather than being a doctor.

    Ive now got a firmed offer from BCU to do Child Nursing this September and plan on eventually working in PICU, Emergency care or a specialist unit in renal, cardiac or oncology.

    I hope you managed to get into Medicine!
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