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    No, you can't just copy and paste from the internet and then list a reference. I highly suspect that a lecturer would compare the similarity of your work with those in the sources listed and conclude that they are extremely similar if not identical before making the accusation that you copied and pasted.

    As for advice, brush up on the university's disciplinary procedures and speak to the student union.
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    (Original post by PKxoxoxoxo)
    Hi all, I just wanted some advise. I've recently been accused of plagiarism by a lecturer.

    Abit of background - I already work in industry, I currently work full time at a very well known aerospace company. I have a very good job and earn well over £35k a year (yes I'm very lucky but I have worked hard since I was 16 and now I'm 25). I've been at uni part time for 1 and a half years now part time. Prior to that I've completed an onc, hnc and hnd all part time at college whilst working in a full time roll. This uni course is self funded, no student loads no parents or company paying for it, I'm doing it all off my owns back and the time I take off work I have to work my hours over 4 days to make up. I am very very stressed out at the min and this has just sent me into melt down.

    No doubt about it I'm very upset about this accusation. It was a paper that was worth 60% of the module so a very high percentage paper. I worked very hard to complete this assignment, and it doesn't help that I have to work full time so working and uni is very stressful. A lot of the research was done online and everything I researched I wrote the websites down and then have referenced them using the Harvard referencing tool I found online. I always thought as long as you reference it it was ok, which I have done. (And have done for the previous 7 years of being at uni and college and I've never had an issue with it ever) however the lecturer has said 'Just because you listed sources in the reference section does not mean you can just copy and paste from the internet. I find it hard to believe this point has not been made to you before' I've not just copied and pasted of the Internet, I've researched everything, I've studied everything I've written and I've referenced everything? I'd like to add - that the whole time of being at uni and college I've never ever been taught how to reference properly, I've always used the same referencing tool I found online many
    Moons ago when I started studying and not once has anyone every had a problem with my referencing.

    I would like to add - as already mentioned above, I do this off my own back, this course is paid for from my heard earned stressful job. Does the lecturer really think that I would want to waste my money or even jeopardise my career by plagerising an assignment?

    Fed up is an understatement. Anyone got any advice? No nasty comments please as I don't more stress and upset. Thanks
    Honestly most of your post is irrelevant. Times have changed because of computers and the internet.

    There are rules on what constitutes plagiarising and you should have taken time to learn them. No idea whether it falls within the definition, but maybe the point he is complaining about is not that you havent referenced it, but that you have done so much cutting and pasting that it lacks original content? Its hard to comment without viewing the evidence.

    Go and speak to a student advisor.
    Understand exactly what points they are making i.e where you are alleged to have infringed.
    Read up on the rules and try to find out what the lecturer is intending to do.
    Prepare an appeal.
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