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Received Police Caution for carrying a weapon in public. watch

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    I've spent the last 24 hours researching extensively after a rather unfortunate incident a few days ago. I noticed that Thestudentroom seems to receive a lot of questions regarding Police cautions and how the caution may affect the future of said person.

    To briefly describe the incident, I was gifted a small (2-3inch blade) 'credit card knife' by my girlfriend in Poland last year July, as they are simply frowned upon there, and to my knowledge are not illegal. My girlfriend and I go camping a lot and spend most of our time trekking in Poland, in which the knife is obviously incredibly useful and convenient!

    Around August, after our camping trip, we took a coach into England as we were unable to take a flight. To my surprise, I had left the knife in my wallet with the rest of my credit cards, even though I had planned to keep the knife in Poland for future trips.

    Between August and February, the knife was left in my apartment and used for general household chores, such as cutting meat, string etc.
    Throughout the months of which the knife remained in my apartment, it was in and out of my wallet for hiding purposes, as I also have a step-son of 6 years old.

    To my demise, 2 days ago, I made the mistake of not removing that knife from my wallet while trying to check through security in a large London airport. I was on the way to Poland with my family.

    Obviously the knife was found. A long-story short, I was informed that I would need to speak to 2 armed officers. I was confused, and had no idea what was happening, or what was going to happen. I feared for my future and my family that was anxiously waiting for me to leave the interviewing room.

    I explained to the officers why I had such an exotic knife, but it was quickly evident that they had no intention of believing me.
    I was not aware of my options, or simply what I could do in such a situation; was I being arrested or detained?
    I was simply told that I was going to be given a Police caution, which entails a criminal record. I only just became aware that a Police caution is somewhat 'optional'. I simply assumed that I had no other options, especially since I endeavored by all means to co-operate with the officers not to keep my family worrying; we had a flight to catch. The officer also wanted to interview me, of which I agreed to, even though he made it clear that I did NOT have to.

    They took bio-metric data including hand prints, finger prints, and even a mouth swab. Again, I was not aware whether or not this process was obligatory.

    Less than an hour later, I was released from the interviewing room with blackened hands, a broken soul, and a criminal record that I was also told could potentially destroy my chances of future employment within certain areas.

    My question after all of this is: Is all of this justified? I feel robbed of my future for such an easy, innocent mistake. My record has been clean my entire life.
    How will this affect me? I would like to go to University in the future.

    I have no idea how it will affect you but really...having a 3inch blade in your pocket while getting on an airplane is not an easy mistake to make... not taking a lip balm out of your pocket or carrying a pencil sharpener is an easy mistake, you should really be checking your luggage carefully. With the current climate around terrorism you're probably lucky that this was all that happened.

    Rather than asking questions on here you should speak to a solicitor. It seems the police duped you so they could get themselves an easy 'conviction'. You had a suitable reason for having the knife on your person and they knew it, let's face it; you are hardly an ISIS stormtrooper. The problem is that you have to admit your guilt in order to be cautioned so the police have the upper hand.

    AFAIK a caution does not affect your DBS or future employment. A caution is just that, a caution. I had one for speeding, pretty sure it wouldnt stop me getting work with vulnerable people if that is what I wanted to do. You're not actually being charged with anything, being charged is where you will be fudged over.

    Most cautions will be filtered off a dbs check after six years unless you are going for a job which is working with children or vulnerable people. A lot of jobs aren't even eligible for a full disclosure so it's definitely not the end of the world.
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