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University class mates - Would you ever report them for a serious offence? watch

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    Something has happened at my university that should be reported, I would say it was bullying, but also with threats of physical abuse thrown in too as well as intimation attempts.

    Anyways, the people I'm reporting used to be my friends, they aren't now. Chances are what they are doing could be serious enough to get them removed from the class/course, I wouldnt know until my University's legal team investigates.

    bare in mind these people deserve reporting if they think their behavior is acceptable, but Im wondering about the group of followers they have, people in the class who think their are saints and the sun shines out of their backsides. I know reporting these people will make me public enemy #1 but their behavior is unacceptable and threatening.

    My question here is would you, yourself, report another person/s from your class, even though you know it will cause some bother, but free you from the bullies.

    I would but depends what they did

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    First, I would talk to the subject of their bullying.
    Based on that, make the decision.
    If it's making a serious impact on his life, report them, who cares what others think about you when someones life is at stake? (bullying can lead to severe mental problems, not to mention the bullying may impact his/her studies and lead to wasting a year or more of uni)

    If the person doesn't seem like he needs the help, then don't bother.
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    Of course, any situation which is deemed as a "serious offence" should be reported, especially if it was significantly affecting other peoples lives. However, I would report it anonymously though, if possible to prevent issues arising...

    I left my old one because of prior expériences The year before at school and therefore who I was living with....I didn't like How They acted. I've lost touch since.

    Explain the story/issue?

    University is really supposed to be about being able to negotiate adult relationships, rather than 'telling Miss' about things. That said, without any further detail, it's difficult to know how serious this is - it could range from handbags between a group of friends to criminal actions.
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