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    Ok so being the 'wonder child' of the family, all of their hopes and aspirations have been pinned on me to lead them away from the borderline poverty I've grown up in with my intellect - yanno, typical teenage problems. So I'm currently 15 years old and starting some of my GCSES this year and the rest as usual next year (I'm currently in year 10, will be in year 11 in September 2017) With the weird new number system, I'm expecting 9's (equivalent to an A** or some stupid stuff) in the majority of my subjects, with my lowest grade being expected as a 7 (equivalent to an A). So I want to do as much as I can with my youth to have as great a CV as I can. I've already done several LAMDA grades as well as other musical instrument grades- all passed with distinctions - and some other rather random-yet-for-some-reason great stuff for my CV. Consequently, DofE came to my mind.

    So I started doing my Bronze award for DofE in late January this year, and have only really been doing it for a couple of weeks. For my 'Skills' I done my drama, which I do for at least 3 hours a week out of school, and for the other two I joined some random club and started volunteering at some random place for 3 months. Whilst this isn't a challenge at all and, if anything, is rather entertaining to do, I've noticed that it will clash with some major tests I have coming up as well as significant revising periods for me to use for such tests. As well as this, I done a lot of research, and have noticed people - particularly on this site - aren't keen on the DofE altogether, saying it has little to no effect when applying for Uni or jobs. However, I've also heard much talk on the Gold award, mainly how, unlike the other two, it does have some significance on a CV. So what I hope to do is go straight to the Gold DofE award after I have turned 16 this year and finished all my exams in early 2018. I know that it can be extremely hard for people who have not done either Bronze or Silver especially when it comes to the expedition, however I know personally I am both physically fit enough for it as well as mentally despite not having much experience in either that or navigation/compass work (which I will work on before hand) So, taking in my circumstances, I have a couple of questions I was wondering if anyone could kindly answer for me

    - Do you think I was right in giving up doing the Bronze award?
    - I do a lot of hours of the same activity a week, is there any way this would count as more then one week's worth if I done say 20 hours of my Skill section in one week? Or do I HAVE to do at least 12 months, no matter how many hours I do a week?
    - Is doing the DofE award a good idea for me anyway?
    - Is there anything else I could do that would help me when applying for Uni or a job that would be equally the same as, or better than DofE
    - What's your favourite animal?

    (Original post by KatGray2412)
    Hi I think it's great that you want to maximise your time wrt extra-curricular opportunities available at your age. I think it's impressive that you're only in year 10 yet you are already thinking about how your cv will look in the future. Here's my advice from someone speaking at the other end:

    1) I did bronze and silver dofe and I would say that it does not matter in terms of your cv post-uni. The only reason I would recommend is if you find it fun, want to challenge yourself, improve teamwork, or just explore the outdoors!

    2) As far as I can recall, no. of hours is not important in earning the award. It is keeping it up every week, so there's not rly a way you can do less than the specified time.

    3) You already have loads of extra-curriculars so not doing dofe is not gonna harm you cv wise. If u want to improve your cv for work then do volunteering or get a part-time job! The longer you have been doing these the better it looks.

    4) An important milestone that will happen inthe next few years is thinking of a possible career path and getting suitable work experience in that field. This is one of the best things you can do for certain uni applications e.g. Medicine. Although there is definitely no rush!

    5) Be careful with complacency regarding GCSE predicted grades. Obviously getting mostly A*s in the old system was very hard so getting 9s, 8s and 7s will be very difficult and only a handful of people will actually do it. There is no way of knowing at all but if you work really consistently hard and beyond what's expected then there's a chance that you can be one of them. I'm guessing only one or two people per school will get top grades in all subjects and from experience they dont tend to be the best 2 students beforehand.

    6) My favourite animal is a mountain lion
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