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I have a serious problem that i do not know how to go about solving. I know the content well but i do not know how to correctly use what i know in the exam. I do exam questions every week for homework(around 15-20 a week since the start of AS), i should be finding exam questions easy to answer by now but i just isn't the case, a lot of the time I write a answer and nothing i wrote is on the mark scheme.

Most of my exams, in-class tests and marked homework scores are around the 50% mark, which I am not happy with. My teachers have told me to practise exam questions but I can't help but notice that i have been doing this from 1 day, as its a part of the homework i get set every week and still haven't improved that much.

However, there is some hope, for specific questions like the process of photosynthesis or respiration, I've done them so many times that i usually get most of the marks, but this wont be the case for every question.

I feel like if i prepared for each individual exam it would be easier, but i do not have the resources, we are just taught in the order of the specification. So i guess i need to restructure my knowledge (?)

I have already started to work at this; I've read a few different articles on this topic so here, in case someone else finds them helpful:


(Especially this one) http://www.thetutorpages.com/tutor-a...technique/6318

If you have anything at all, that might help, please post.

Thanks in advance, much appreciated!
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Prepare yourself globally for exams - try to learn to work out what EXACTLY the examiner is looking for - every Q is designed to test certain specific topic{s) in the syllabus - you need to work out which topic it is, then you will be able to work out what is in the mark scheme (without looking at it):

1. Read the Q carefully twice
2. Try to remotely read the examiner's mind.
3. Look at the no of marks allocated to the Q - put down at least as many facts/ideas/points/reasons in brief.
4. When you write the answer imagine you are saying to the examiner "Sir/Miss, this is what you were looking for - that is EXACTLY what I have put down - can I have 2 marks (e.g.) please - thank you!" Go to next Q.

Look at a few mark schemes and try to work out by looking at the Qs how your train of thought would have led from the Q to the A - don't just blindly keep doing past papers if you are not getting anywhere - find the connections between Q and A.

Look at my attached article - gives some tips on how to write high-scoring answers.

Best of luck - if stuck on 1 or 2 specific Qs, pls post here and I will be happy to help out.

M (Specialist Biology Tutor)
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