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Sheffield: a diverse city?

Just wondered, students/ residents of Sheffield... would you say that the uni/ city is ethnically diverse?

Sorry, might seem a bit random, but personally I do feel that it's important to grow up/ develop in such an environment, so just wanted to know if you think it's like that? Or is it very 'white'? (Something I kinda want to escape, having spent most of my life in Exeter...).

Anyone who can be of help, thanks very much!

It's not bad and as diverse as any city I guess but I wouldn' describe it as overly diverse. Don't take my word as gospel though as I'm only ever there for gigs/shopping until I start uni next week when I guess I'll get a better idea.

Certainly not a racist city and after all it's Yorkshire really and we're all friendly here.
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Sheffield is a very diverse city (I live there!). However, the different races tend to be concentrated in particular areas. If you go to the uni or to the city centre, you will find so many different people.
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every decent uni in the country is 'diverse'
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According to Wikipedia's List of English districts by ethnic diversity (based on the 2001 UK Census) Sheffield's ethnic diversity is as follows:

Rank District White % S. Asian % Afro-Carib % Chinese & Other %
62 Sheffield 91.2 4.6 1.8 0.8

Sheffield also has a large Polish and Somali population.
every decent uni in the country is 'diverse'

what? like oxford and cambridge you mean
not really THAT diverse.lots of white people, more then id like really. coming from london i found it a bit of a shock and pined for the mixed backgrounds of all my home friends..i got over it but i breathe a sigh of relief when im back in Londres (im white btw)
^^^ you should have gone to manchester or birmingham instead then.