Northern Rail debt letter - assistance? Watch

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Hey guys received a letter from northern rail about an unpaid fair


Travelled from liverpool lime street station - destination

Lime street has automatic ticket barriers requiring a ticket to access platform
Also has a member of staff present

I have a coursework submission receipt from Liverpool Uni at around 1:47 proving i was travelling from limestreet

Purchased ticket otherwise i wouldn't have been able to get onto the platform nevermind to my destination

Ridicolous to even consider me sneaking past staff or hopping the barriers as it didn't happen

Get to destination throw my ticket apologies for littering, i walk through my destinations ticket office as per usual and get stopped by members of northern staff asking to see my ticket

I explain situation yet still get this letter
Its not as if i fare dodging or intending to avoid paying as i did, i genuine screwed up my ticket after the journey not expecting northern rail ticket staff to require it as 11months and 3 weeks out of the year they are not present at the station

Advice as its quite clear regardless of what i say to them in a letter they will offer me a £80 resolution despite being a paying customer so i mayaswell offer them a heartfelt apology and claim i dodged the fare.
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1) If you travel from Platforms 7-9 they don't have automated barriers and usually no staff there either..
2) i don't see how a coursework submission receipt is proof you're traveling from lime street ??
I think the issue is you're meant to keep hold of your ticket until you're off the platform and actually in the station as you could be asked for it at any moment, do you not have a reciept for your ticket?

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