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    Hi, i'm in year 9 and i have no idea what i want to do in life. So... what do i enjoy. Maths, English, Music. Stuff like that. My school also has compulsory R.E (I don't mind this though as it is a pretty easy subject for me), so we only have 3 option choices. We don't have anything like economics or psychology at GCSE level (which i would be interested in).
    I'm thinking about business studies but i don't know if this is a 'soft' option.

    I'd advise against business studies as I know- in my school at least- most people who took it just wanted a skive lesson and the teachers were no good. It's a good idea to take a foreign language as a lot of Universities (such as Edinburgh) won't accept students who didn't get a foreign language GCSE.

    Don't stress about picking your options. It really makes no difference anyway. Think about the facilities and teachers in your school for one thing - it is actually a good thing to consider because some departments may be rubbish and picking it would be a waste of time. Other than that, think about possible future plans and try to base it of subjects you think might be needed. Or pick things you genuinely enjoy doing.Take Music (if you're into it). A language is always a good idea. Don't worry - you'll never pick the wrong subjects

    The biggest, most important part of GCSE's looking back is that no-one cares what you did, just what you got. Harsh, but on Results Day and onward, people ask what you got, not what you got them in.

    Now that AS is scrapped, they do play a bigger part in Uni selection etc. but at the end of the day, while Business may be a softer option than say Economics or Computing, an A/A* (or an 7/8/9) would look much better on paper than a B/C in something more challenging that you may regret later.

    These GCSE's are mainly to get you a compulsory set of qualifications - they did help me personally choose what I thought I was good at and enjoyed for A-level, but some of my options could easily have been much more easy-going if only I had gone for the simpler course.

    What is offered at your sch?

    Foreign languages are always well-respected qualifications, although it is not everyone's forte. Humanities are also good- business is often considered by top universities to be 'soft', so I would recommend sticking to more 'traditional' subjects, ate least for GCSE- universities appreciate that. if you're doing sciences, maths, R.E, music and English, a modern language might be quite beneficial, as you already have R.E. as a sort of humanities subject. Perhaps history or geography would be good options too? The best piece of advice I can give you is to do what you enjoy. If you don't enjoy your subjects, then it's more likely that you won't do as well in them. Hope this helps

    The GCSEs I'm taking currently (I'm in the second year) are:
    Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Spanish, English Lit, English Language, Sociology, Geography, Computing

    So you can ask me about any of those
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