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El Caudillo
I sit here in silence, surrounded by men who would follow me anywhere,
Through the burning deserts, the thick forests, the boggy marshes,
And I am safe in the knowledge that their lives are at my disposal. The power
That a man feels when he knows that so many undeserving ones have chosen
To grant him such temporal power is gratifying to the extreme.

Do not reproach me for my malicious conduct. They have placed themselves in my service, and I will do with them what I may. I will send them anywhere, any place, any time,
And I will do so with a smile on my face and with dreams of victory dancing in my head. And once the war has been won, it is back,
To my hacienda, where I will rest on my laurels and think over future glories.

I have been to confession ten times in the last week, and the Mother Church
Thinks well of me, for I am her most earnest protector in the entire district. Vagabonds, freemasons, atheists and goddamned liberals may do their worst, knowing that if I do not kill them I will capture their loved ones and make them redress their mistake. It pays to be in good graces with these senile, befrocked fools.

Now I must get up and be gone, for glory awaits. And I long
to receive not a crown of thorns, but a crown of glory. I will become a new Caesar. My apotheosis will commence presently.

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