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Should education be enforced on children by the state? watch


    Mindfulness should be. I was a few hours away from passing my flying instructors test that would have meant I would take 13+ year old a flying. It was free but flyings dangerous And when your on your own In am air plane You have a lot of time to reflect on What might happen And once you learnt How to fight a mid air fire you're too farm down he rabbit hole to find much enjoyable at that stage. I would say only really expériences people have The free time In their mind to really enjoy it... But anyway some little girl ruined everything And messed up her while Life now including mine for a period.

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    And if so why?

    Currently displaying an interest in educational policy and as ever am completely deconstructing the set narrative. Would love to know thoughts!
    This was tried by a hippy run voluntary organisation in the 80's. I remember it being featured on Blue Peter. Kids basically did what they wanted. If they wanted to climb a tree, they climbed a tree. If they wanted to study, they could. Unsurprisingly kids preferred to climb trees. That organisation no longer exists.

    The current manifestation is the government's free school program. Kids don't have a say on what is taught, but those running the schools do. They do not conform to government policy or the national curriculum. The government would cite them as a triumph but already some schools have failed and closed down and the rest have yet to be inspected by Ofsted, or post their results into the national league tables as their oldest intakes are yet to have sat any exams.

    If there is one thing I have learned about education, it is that there is not a new idea that hasn't already been tried. Free schools will come.... and then go, when we discover they don't raise standards or liberate those who run them. The new wave of grammars will come in, and then be disbanded when unsurprisingly we see the middle class moving in and ensuring their kids get the best education, pushing out those from poorer backgrounds who are to be targeted, just like Labour discovered in the 90's. What comes around, goes around.

    I'm pro-choice but all must have the basics, as requisite under the ordinarily demands of the labour market and civil society :yy:
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