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Rejected by St. Andrews for Computer Science with grades A*AA watch

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    (Original post by geo 14323)
    Ok. Can I ring them once I get my A2 results or they will see my results immediately once I get them and then, they will email me again to offer me a place?
    It doesn't quite work like that. They won't see your results.

    On results day, you can ring them through clearing, and ask if there are any places available, but bear in mind that as it's a very competitive course, unless you have 3A*s, you're unlikely to be offered a place.

    Instead, you'll need to take a gap year and reapply for entry in 2018.

    (Original post by geo 14323)
    By taking a gap year or at the summer when I get my results? I will be 19 years old though.
    hey, unfortunatley I can't give you helpfull advice on your application but do not mind your age! I am turning 19 this year, two weeks after university starts and I also applied for StA. 19 may not be the norm in Scotland (?, don't know for sure, at least that is what the internet has taught me) but in Germany (were I am from), most of the students starting university are 19, if not older.

    This should definitley not be a barrier for you

    (Original post by geo 14323)
    Hello all,

    I recently checked UCAS track and I saw that the university of St. Andrews has rejected my application. I am so depressed now, as it is my dream to get there.
    My predicted grades are A* A A at maths physics and CS respectively and my AS grades are A A C at maths physics and CS respectively. Bare in mind that English is not my first language, as I moved to UK one and a half year ago to do A levels. St. Andrews wants at least A A A with an A at maths and I got rejected with A* A A with an A* in maths. How is that possible???

    I also applied for the university of Edinburgh and I am very scared that I will get a rejection from there too. University of St. Andrews was my first choice and my favorite university for a while. Edinburgh entry requirements are a minimum of A B B with an A in maths and standard with A A A with an A in maths.

    What can I do? I really want to go to St. Andrews. Do I have a second chance? What if I get 3 A* at the A2 exams?

    Thanks in advance
    I know how you feel; I received an offer from St. Andrews last year and missed my offer on results day. St. Andrews was my "dream" university too and I was absolutely devastated. From experience, St. Andrews are unlikely to change their minds regardless of any kind of appeal you make. If you really want to go there, I guess you could apply again next year when you have your results and you can prove to them that you were capable of achieving those grades, but it seems like that's probably not the best option in the long run.

    I'm now a student at the University of Edinburgh and I love it here, and to be honest I'm glad that I didn't end up in St. Andrews- I really don't think that it's all that it's cracked up to be. It's easy to get so caught up in this idea of your dream university, but from experience I would say that everything happens for a reason and you'll end up at a university you love just as much, and will probably end up loving even more.

    Let's be honest, who wants to live in a town that practically consists of 3 streets for the next 3-5 years? No matter how majestic the red capes may seem.


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