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Evening All,

I've finally decided to get off my lazy backside and try and loose a few pounds. Anyway, as the thread title suggests, whats Keele campus gym like? Is it any good? Its cheap enough, but I want to know if its actually worth the money!

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I've heard it's not that great, so I dunno if I'll join. I could just jog around campus, and use weights and stuff in my room..
Chapel, Keele University
Keele University
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I was away last semester on a study abroad scheme but ive heard they have re-done the gym so if nothing else its all new. Its not the biggest gym your gonna get but it has what you need and last year it was £100 for the year not including holidays...i would rather keele gym over any local gym at that price.

Suavey Ravi
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Well, as long as it's as good the one at my school, or even a little worse (I don't need to exercise my hips thanku), I'm happy.
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Having never seen your school gym i can't comment on whether it is better or worse but they let you have a look around before you have to pay any money so you will be able to make that choice yourself next week.

Suavey Ravi
I want to take up squash, whats that like at Keele?
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I know they have a squash club because a couple of my friends went last year. If you give me some time i could get more information for you.

Suavey Ravi
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I had a look at Keele Gym on the open day and it doesn't look all that bad. Machines and weights room seems to be as good as my local la-f, but Keele hasn't got a pool. But is that really that important? Not to me at least. And anyway, there's enough acres of green stuff to run and run! See y'all soon, dw

pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssseeeeeeeee give me more details on the weights room? :smile: :smile: :smile:
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Me and a mate have decided to join the one in Castle, more money but theres a pool too. And I'll have someone to go with, and I can jog there :biggrin:
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Minardi, how much is castle gym (monthy/pay as you go/induction etc etc), what does that include and where is it please? Cheers:biggrin:
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Its 2 minutes up for the bus station
It costs students £18/month or £2.90 a hit
Induction is free.
I'm not sure of the details yet, I need to get myself in order first. An old foot injury has flared up. Again.
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Cheers, thats seems good to me - especially if that includes the pool etc. Hope the injury isnt to bad and it recovers soon.
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I think its just a muscular strain, but its a nuicence as its painful if I walk anywhere. Including to the bus to campus.
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I think its just a muscular strain, but its a nuicence as its painful if I walk anywhere. Including to the bus to campus.

you should get yourself into the weight room, now that pain! :rolleyes:

my legs are sore as could be and walking down that big long bank is torture.
Does keele gym have weight bags for lunges

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