Does anyone else do WJEC educas english language 9-1?

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I need help on structuring my answers for each type of question for both component 1 and 2 (not the section Bs where its creative writing just section A
A template would be helpful im trying to aim for full marks on each question
your answers would be much appreciated thank you
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Hi! I do English Language too, Educas so maybe I'll be of some help. First of all, for both spoken and written language - make sure you have an overview. What the text is about (remember GRASP - Genre, Register, Audience and Purpose)
Secondly, for spoken language pick out what features are used within both of the texts and see if it's a regular thing, are they both similar or different? Talk about why you think that feature is there, is it typical for that specific feature? For example, in an interview between two people you will obviously expect some turn taking as one is asking the question and the other is answering it. Make sure you don't list the features. Say why the features are there and how it may affect the audience. Also talk about the concept/theories of spoken language, politeness theories or gender representation and what not.
For the written language part, do your over view and then do a few (4/5 should be enough) paragraphs on what the question is asking you. Name the features and say whether you think they're typical of the genre or not. For example, if it's an advert, you may expect some hyperbole as adverts are usually trying to persuade the audience and so they exaggerate. Try and get some concepts/theories in your paragraphs too, whether the texts represent a certain gender etc.
I hope that's okay, if you have anymore questions feel free to ask! I'll be more than happy to help.

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