improving my grades? is this the max to my intelligence?

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    hello, i got 6 a*s, 2 a's and 1 b at i/gcses
    im doing ib currently predicted a total of 40 (i hope i can achieve this)
    anyway, some people did much better at their i/gcses etc. and i only want to apply to top unis (also what my parents want) so how can i do well since my i/g's arent that good? i have plenty of extracurriculars and stuff btw, to help me get into uni.
    i study so much already to achieve the grades i have. am i just naturally dumb and have to work harder to get what others can get easily? thanks

    hello! i'm not sure if i've understood your question correctly, and i'm canadian so i can't say much on the english school system... however, when it comes to ib, my #1 tip if you're looking to get your grades up would be to make sure you know and follow the criteria (to the letter!).. ib has a list of very specific things they look for and assign points for in projects! try to find the criteria for any of your assessments online (if your teacher doesn't already supply you with them! ) and really base yourself off of those! what i've noticed with a lot of my friends is that their grades suffer, not because they aren't smart and aren't working hard, but because they forget that the examiner has a strict rubric for grading if you're looking for grades, try to show them the specific things they want to see! good luck!
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Updated: April 6, 2017
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