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This is on behalf of my partner.
Having left the police force after 11 years, last position being within the mental health service, he is now looking at a career within mental health nursing - in particular as a CPN.
He has had 2 years working within MH and dealing with all aspects of assessments and referrals. He has a fantastic rapport with different professionals with MH staff within the NHS, but when it comes down to UCAS points he has none. Prior to leaving school he joined the prison service and then was accepted into the police force. We've had 4 offers of references and supportive statements from bed managers of a MH unit and CPN's to support his application.
Would anyone know if serving as a police officer and having the vast experience with MH for the last 2 years (also want to point out he's recently started working as a mental health assistant) be enough for the university to offer him a place?

He was considering doing a foundation degree in mental health and then on completion it should give him the points needed to do the nursing but that would be a further 3 years...
Really hoping someone can shed some light on if UCAS points for nursing really are the be all or end all or if life experience and relevant experience is just as equal...

Many thanks
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Your partner would need to do an access to nursing course.
Does he have gcse's? He will also need them too.
Nursing is a degree course. There are the options of working and possibly gaining a place through secondment but this is rare.
He will need the points and the grades to apply through ucas.
Experience is not a way of gaining a place. It's merely a stepping stone he can use in his interview to show why he would make a good mental health nurse.
There are many threads on here that will show him how to Apply, what is needed, what interviews are like etc etc.
Best of luck to him!

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lynn J
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I never got any grades from school and was able to do my access to nursing, now at uni doing my mental health nursing. I also worked in prison service and have vast experience working in MH sectors, however this only helped me at interview stages. access course is best starting point.

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