U.K. Business school master's course to choose for career in M&A/corporate finance?

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I was admitted to the following 2 master's courses starting in September 2017:

- MSc Corporate Finance at Cass Business School

- MSc Economics and Strategy for Business at Imperial College Business School.

Which MSc program would you recommend me to go for, considering that (A) the 2 courses cost the same (£27000) and (B) both schools have good reputations nationally and internationally (Europe) and are based in central London?

After graduation I plan to work in the Finance field of Mergers and Acquisitions/Corporate Finance, possibly at a large international bank (ideally 'bulge-bracket' or leading 'boutique' bank (Lazard, Rothschild, Greenhill, Moelis&Co. etc.).

The course at Cass seems more relevant to M&A overall, but the one at Imperial also appears to be quite good (modules in Macroeconomics, Mathematics, Statistics, Corporate Finance etc.). Also, the reputation of Imperial compared to the one of City is much better. However, the MSc Economics is not Imperial's 'flagship' course, and actually more geared towards Consulting/Management. Still, I chose it because I thought it could differentiate me from the many Finance students interested in IB M&A.

My undergraduate degree is in Business Administration.

What's your thought?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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