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I'm a BTEC Applied Science student and for my EPQ I have decided on the title: To what extent has Global Warming plateaued?

For collecting research, I was thinking to looking into why people assumed the plateau in the first place 1996 - 2015 and why it can be said that Global warming did not plateau but in fact oceanic temperatures were miscalculated. I will also look in to how El Nino and La Nina affect temperature. From this I can then look in to water buoys and how data is collected and the involvement of NOAA in identifying and suggesting that ocean temperatures were being underestimated. I was originally working on Glaciers but after reading a BBC article, this new title appealed to me with a higher significance.

Any suggestions on how I can achieve a high grade, I’m struggling with obtaining significant research and also I’m having difficulty with gathering primary research as I cannot conduct a questionnaire and get people to fill them out as they may not be professionals in the field. Any suggestions on to how I can collect primary research?

What do you think about the title? is there anything that I could also mention or change?

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