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Is RHUL for me? ...I despise clubbing, and don\\\' drink.

Im hoping to read Business at RHUL, and was wondering about the social scene. It seems like a fun hip uni, but i don\\\'t go clubbing or drink.... and it seems this is a big obstacle, correct me if im wrong. I do hope to be a serious student, but on the other hand i do enjoy cricket and wouldn\\\'t mind joining socs such as those and other business orientated socs. Can someone have fun in RHUL even if the don\\\'t go clubbing and drink?

Thank you.
Of course. :s-smilie:
Founders Building, Royal Holloway
Royal Holloway
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Im just quite worried about it, because i don\'t want to spend 3 years some where i wont enjoy. It\'s just rumours i hear, and all thsi freshers fair business, all they have on the list is clubbing :s-smilie:
Yeah a big part of Fresher's is partrying. But hey plenty dont wont be alone. Noone will force you to do anything you dont want to.

Dont be a doormat to pressure. Simple as.
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Hey Jacko. I'm taking economics, starting on the 22nd September. I also despise clubbing and don't drink! In my eyes, Royal Holloway looks like one of the less likely places to find insane drinking and clubbing - I suspect it looks ridiculously posh to outsiders.

I'll spend lots of my time in some of the clubs and the gym, though in order to meet people I'll be looking around during the freshers' fair.
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Royal Holloway is the same as anywhere else. It's a cross-section of youth culture. There are the extrovert clubbers and there are the hardcore, studious types. You're just more likely to hear about the social aspects of uni on a place like this. You won't be out of place at RHUL I'm sure. There are plenty of people at the uni like yourself.
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Yeah, to clarify - I do expect there to be that kind of activity, but there's also a gym, clubs, etc etc to spend time in, and am therefore not concerned.
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Ahh great news, i hope to use the gyms etc.
I don't drink or go clubbing either and I had the time of life simply by joining societies, especially the anime society.
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Yeah.. I've wondered the same thing.. My brother went there a couple of years back and spent most of his time at house parties, drinking and smoking..
yeah, not my scene..
Hope there are lots of other aspects to it, I'm sure there are, since the student body is HUGE..!!! I'm applying there too so I was concerned about the same issue.. spending three years of your life there and having 99% of the people there completely different from you..
let me know what your final verdict is :wink: xx
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i dont drink or go clubbing either, for religious reason... i sure hope i wont be alone in my room every night! imagine having ur whole corridoor out each night getting drunk, i hope i at least will have one other person like me on my floor even.
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This is seriously not an issue unless you make it one. Don't make an issue out of those that live differently to yourself, and they won't do it to you. That's pretty much how it works at RHUL.
As others have said, if you're not keen on clubbing then Royal Holloway is probably more the place for you than many other unis...Because it is in a small town, the only club type place that is readily accessilble is the SU (although equally for those who like their nights out, there are plenty of nearby places that are easy enough to get to!) whereas unis in bigger towns or cities probably have a much bigger clubbing culture because they are so close to them.

I'm not wildly into nights out, although I do go sometimes, but I've had a fantastic time at RHUL - I wouldn't worry, you're sure to find people you will get on with :biggrin: Me and my friends tend to go to the pub more than clubbing, or sit around in each other's rooms and corridors messing around. Clubs and societies are also great for making friends. At the end of the day, if you don't want to go clubbing then tell people that and I'm sure you will find they respect you all the more for it :smile:
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2 nights in and most of the entertainment so far is for partiers and drinkers

So. bored.
Not long until you can join the clubs/societies though :smile:
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Indeed. One thing to note that some people don't realise, is that there will be different socs/clubs on the Friday. So you really do have to make both days to get the most out of it.
Oooh awesome, thanks - I'll keep that in mind!